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I have seen a few of these posts circulating the blog world, and thought I would jump on the band wagon and share what 'currently' is going on in my life and my little head. I think it's a great way to look back and see the little snippets of life. So here we go...


Listening to, Mumford and Sons, Babel. I actually copied this of a friend back in September but only just got round to putting it on this week whilst editing photos. I love it already, perfect to listen to to chill out in the evening too. It may even replace the usual Sunday morning country music we love listening too over eggs and tea.

Thinking about, everything, anything. That is my problem, my mind never stops going and I am always thinking about what to do next? How can I lead an exciting life? And making goals and lists. Don't get me wrong I just love to plan, but it drives me crazy (and Si) so I need to take a step back.

Loving, pre planning meals for the week. It might sound lame, but it is a great way to save money and to eat well. We have got in the habit of planning what we want for the week, and I love searching the web, and Pinterest (okay mainly Pinterest) for exciting and easy recipes. This is here to stay.

Looking forward to, ticking off something from my 24 for 25 list this week. We are heading to the library that is approximately a 3 minute walk from my house, has been there for 10 years, and I have never been. It has only really sunk in that you can borrow a book for FREE, yes for free! So I have my list ready for some new reads.

{photos- 1/2/3/4}

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  1. I love this. I'm stealing it for my next blog post, hope that is ok!!
    Do you know rosiewithcider? she does weekly "what we ate" posts which have lots of good ideas : ) xx