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spanish omlette Morning lovely people, I hope you are all reading this from your bed, all tucked up on a Saturday morning. I am off to drop in on my mum, and give her flowers and kisses for her birthday, but I thought I would share an easy Saturday dinner idea with you, if the last thing you want to do is slave over the oven tonight. I always seem to make different versions of omelette, but this has to be my favourite.

You will need to feed 4 (or 2 very hungry people)
8 eggs
1 red pepper
1 large onion
500g waxy potatoes
knob of better
pack of chives

1. Finely chop the onion and pepper, and cut the potatoes onto 1/2 cm slices
2. Place your potatoes in a pan of boiling water for 10-15 until soft
3. Whilst your potatoes are finishing, melt the butter in a pan on a medium heat, and add the onions and peppers. Keep stirring until they are soft
4. Break the eggs into a jug and whisk together, then add in the chives
5. Drain your potatoes, add in some more butter to your pan, and then add the potatoes to the pan with the onions and peppers
6. Pour over your egg mixture, and transfer to the grill (make sure to keep the handle poking out the oven if it's plastic, and leave the door slightly open)
7. cook for 15-20 minutes
8. Serve with salads, olives and spanish meats

spanish omelette spanish omelette recipe

Happy Saturday!!!



Top - Primark// Shorts - Primark // Shoes - Topshop

A casual outfit for a never ending stroll around London, maybe not the best time to wear new shoes (hello blisters)



It's become somewhat a tradition between my friends and I, that every bank holiday we head up to London for Notting Hill Carnival. This year being no different we packed our cases and headed up to the big smoke to get involved with the party.

DSC05667 DSC05655 DSC05652 DSC05642

We spent the afternoon walking around the streets and catching some of the parade, and fritting between street raves before indulging in some caribbean street food.

DSC05659 DSC05664 DSC05706

This guy was having a great time entertaining on his door step

DSC05726 DSC05729

Yet again carnival, you have been a blast, we may have left before the sun went down, but you kept us entertained and dancing


Until next year...



As I was saying in my earlier post, Friday night really did take a turn for the better. Si and I had gone for a quiet walk down the seafront before dinner and little did we know BA had set up a big event to promote their new flights to St Lucia and were giving away 'free flights' in the sky. As timing had it, we walked past when they were giving out sticks of rock, with lucky tickets in them, to determine who would dine next. I think you can guess what happened next...
We won a free dinner, to be served 100ft in the air, hoisted up by a crane (yikes!!!)


But first we were treated to free champagne (the best kind) before getting strapped in ready for the flight.

DSC05537small DSC05539small

Dinner was served in keeping with the promotion, and we gobbled down St Lucia delicacies, which I would love to tell you what it was, but I really can't remember what the chef said, but it was delicious and not something I would of normally picked.

DSC05562small DSC05564small

We enjoyed the fantastic views as the sun was going down, and double dared ourselves to swing out, so our feet were dangling

DSC05575small DSC05595small DSC05578small DSC05583small

Just a little disappointing it was so cloudy, but can't complain for what a random Friday evening it turned out to be.
Thank you BA for making my weekend just a little brighter :)



I am never one to wear an extravagant outfit, you will normally find me in jeans and a tee, with boots in the winter or flip flops in the summer.Very boring if you ask me, but it's what I am most comfortable in to be honest. So last night we went for a stroll along the seafront as it was such a warm night, we've realised we haven't been making the most of it this summer so I dragged Si out after another long day at work to unwind for the weekend. Luckily for us our night turned out better than planned, but more on that another day...

DSC05501 DSC05527 DSC05510 DSC05544 DSC05507

Top- H&M// Jeans- Primark// Shoes- Topshop



DSC05460 DSC05464

The sun is out, the grass is back to it's good old self and I'm spending the afternoon making the most of it out in the garden.

What are you up to?



 DSC05441 DSC05440

Yesterday I finally got to go to Shake Shack. I have been drooling at the thought of trying one of these burgers ever since joining the blog world, as all my favourite American bloggers always bang on about it. So when I found out they were planning on opening a London establishment, I sat patiently waiting for a date. It finally opened last month and as I was in London yesterday watching a screening of 'Stupid crazy love' at Sommerset house, my friend Lauren and I ventured to Covent Garden to give it a whirl. As all new popular places in London you will find a queue, so 30 minutes later we sat down, and dug in to our burgers. I opted for the double cheese burger and cheesy crinkly fries. It was seriously amazing, and the best thing for me was it is a sturdy burger that doesn't fall apart in your hands.

As I am back in London next week, I may just have to drag my other friends along....

You can find Shake Shack in the heart of Covent Garden open from 11am daily

p.s sorry for posting this at lunch time :)



 DSC05424 DSC05417 DSC05428 DSC05420 moi

Although it may of actually been just over a week since I last 'went out' properly, to me it seemed like a LIFE TIME. I get really itchy feet very quickly, but with Si working all hours lately we haven't had a lot of time to do stuff. Like I said before this summer is flying by and it is making me sad that I am not doing enough. But anyway I had pre-booked an evening with Si in advance and he assured me he wouldn't be working late and that we could do something. Hurrah, so we spent the evening shopping, eating and ended the evening for a spot of comedy at Komedia. It was well and truly needed.

p.s the roots go tomorrow, yeyyyyy




Really not sure how we are flying so quick through this Summer, and that I get married in just under 2 months. As usual I had a long list of things to do this summer, but with Si working all the hours under the sun, we just haven't got round to half of them, also with having students it's restricted us to going away for the weekend, but no fear, I estimate at least 8 more weeks left of summer, so time to get my bum in gear and get out there. Here are a few snaps from my trips to Majorca. We stayed in a lovely little resort called Cala D'or and spent a day in Palma (with a cheeky side trip to Magaluf)

Summer in Brighton. There is nothing better.


A sunny weekend trip to North Wales (all posts here)



There was one last place I wanted to visit in Wales before heading home and that was the ever beautiful Portmerion. Situated on the outer edge of Snowdonia towards the sea, sits a village designed by it's original owner, which took him over 50 years to complete, with the sole purpose to show how a naturally beautiful site could be developed without spoiling it. He hoped the village would make people think about buildings in the landscape. That's pretty impressive to me. 

DSC04581 DSC04569 DSC04571 DSC04566 DSC04564 DSC04570 DSC04582 DSC04597

We spent the afternoon strolling the grounds, eating lunch and taking in the long awaited sun, it didn't feel like Wales at all.

DSC04594 DSC04596

After my mum snapped some cheesy photos of us, we meandered along the gorgeous stretch of beach

DSC04616 DSC04615 DSC04604 DSC04624

and had a little fun in the sand

DSCN1022 DSC04612 DSC04613

Portmerion is open all year round, and you can enter (for a tenner) from 9.30-7.30, you can also stay over at the hotel, or head down for dinner, but if you are ever in the area then pop in for a delightful afternoon.