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I'm back with some more photo's from our travels to Barcelona, which already seems like a life time ago since we travelled over to Spain for a long weekend. We were there for 3 days and spent our mornings eating croissants from the indoor market and strolling the gothic quarter, peering into many Tapas bars, scanning the menu then running of scared as we had no idea what to order (so we didn't, shhhh don't tell us off)
We never really plan much when we go away, so just walk around and hope to discover as we go, stopping of for plenty of tea and nibbles on the way. We purposely chose to go in winter, as the cost is halved and we wanted to have it to ourselves. It was still very busy, but were able to walk straight into attractions and the streets weren't as busy, although I would love to go back in the future at the end of summer.
We loved the twisty lanes of the gothic quarter and came across a square with artists on a gloomy Sunday morning, took a cable car over the harbour, hiked up to the Olympic stadium and entered Barcelona's most famous unfinished building (Sagrada Famila)

The perfect weekend away.


  1. I've never been, but your post reminded me that i have to try this many places i want to visit! I made it to Madrid for the first time last year, have you been? I loved it. Plus we went in May, so took full advantage of their rooftop bars :) such a contrast to Feburary when it's cold and permanently grey :( xx

    1. Sounds amazing! It is on my list for sure :)