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I feel like having a little moan. Just a little one, but this week I am fed up. Fed up of the cold, the dark nights and the consistent jean wearing, that I am just FED up of rotating around. I just want to wear flip flops, loose summer dresses and a casual cardigan. I want to be able to come home, eat something light in the garden, and then take a stroll around the village, or head down to the seafront for ice cream, or to meet friends. I don't know why, but I feel like this winter has dragged on a little too long for my liking, and I'm ready to move on. These images did put a little smile on my face though, as it reminds me that the sun does exist (because haven't you forgotten what it's all about?) and that I already have lots of stuff planned.

But please summer, just hurry up.

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 pizza and drink coke+pizza IMG_1545x2 IMG_1543

It seems like a life time ago now, but I mentioned that I was whisking Si away for the evening after work to London Town, for a very quick pizza dinner and then onto the Apollo Theatre to watch Wicked. (which was mmmm, wicked) There is something nice about catching the train after to work into the city, and a bonus that the theatre is right outside Victoria station, so we could hop straight back on it after the show, and be by the seaside again in a hour. I love visiting London, but to live there? God no.

I also drove up to Greenwich on Sunday evening with a few friends to get our guilty pleasure fix and watch One Direction at the 02 (don't judge me) which soon turned into a not so good night, after breaking down on the way home and finding out I don't actually have the correct breakdown cover to get us all back to Brighton. Massive fail. So after paying with the credit card, freezing our arses off in the car and singing songs to keep us awake, we finally made it back at 3.30am, albeit slightly delirious.



simple wishlist

Since the sun made a cheeky appearance it is gearing me up for the new season, and thinking about the upcoming wadrobe change over, and spring clean. There is something about Spring that I just love, the longer days, the trickles of sunshine, and being able to put away the winter jacket in favour of cardigans and summer shoes. Waking up with light through the window, and the birds starting their day, always puts me in a good mood.
I think spring might just be my favourite.

Bracelet / Shoes / Candle / Bikini / Scarf / Cake stand / Lip gloss / Pots / T-shirt



 sky pier out to sea lights brighton bikes

I'm sure I will join in with the rest of the blogging world, but the sun finally came out, the skies turned blue and it made me very happy. We ventured out early morning to watch all the maniacs running in the half marathon (rather them than me) and it had me wishing for spring, and all the loveliness it brings. To be outside, adventuring, rather than stuck indoors with the heating on.

Oh how I love Brighton in the sun. Bring it on.



lazy saturday  cushions
lovehearts DSC03127

It's been a gloomy kind of day, spent watching Si start on re-doing the fence in the garden, slowly attempting to clean the house but making pit stops on the way to browse the web, drink cups of tea and eat leftover love hearts. The sky is brightening, with the hint of spring on it's way, which brings a smile to my face. Now I'm off to watch the sun slowly set and catch up on my book.




See this guy. He stole my heart and makes me a very happy girly. 4 years ago today we blew away our cobwebs and decided to start a fresh. It was the best decision I could of made.

A very happy friday indeed :)

Have a great weekend you guys!




Reading- (well I'm sure you have guessed) 'You had me at hello' I got this from Santa at Christmas, and have only just got round to picking it up. I'm still not consumed by it as yet, as I'm only a few chapters in. I've heard good things though

Loving - V day. Sorry to go on about it, I'm sure you are sick of everyone posting their flowers on facebook and going on about how amazing their man is. Don't worry that's not my thing either, but I wouldn't mind waking up to breakfast in bed, heart sweets for lunch (pictured) and surprise lunchtime visits every day.

Thinking about - holidays (as usual) I just can't figure out where to go. We have a budget, but my head it twirling. Do we want a chilled holiday, or an adventure? Long haul or short haul? HELP?!?

Looking forward to - making a quick pit stop to London tomorrow evening after work to watch Wicked. I've heard it's wicked (oh god)



I love me a burger I do. I am a simple girl at heart, and I actually think I push the boat out with a Cheese burger, as back in the days I was so fussy, that when I went to McDonalds I had to order a cheese burger, without the cheese and gherkin, and wait AGES for it to come. Ho hum, I have gone up in the world now, and have realised that cheese burgers really are the best. That's why whenever I visit London; I am always drawn back to my favourite place, yummy, yummy Byron. It has a simple menu, not to fussy and has mac and cheese as a side order, ENOUGH SAID!

The best milkshake

056 05922

I'm a happy girl!

There are loads dotted around London now, and few in Oxford and Kent (lucky people)

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I know, I know you are probably fed up of everything to do with Valentine's day (only a few more days left though) Personally I quite like the idea, not so much the commercial side, but the fact this one day kinda kicks every ones butt into gear to tell the special people in your life just how much you mean to them. I don' think it should be about how expensive the present or how extravagant you can be, but the simplicity of showing your love and gratitude for others. Although I have bought a small gift (I do have an excuse though, as It is my anniversary as well) I personally think the way to someone's heart is by some baked treats for your sweetheart.

Here are a few of my favourites from internet land.


Strawberry Shortcake Cookies from Spoon Fork Bacon

peanut butter chip heart cookies

Peanut Butter Chip Heart Cookies from Amanda at Marshalls Abroad

red velvet brownies

Red Velvet Brownies from Rose at The Londoner

The Sweetest Occasion- DIY

and finally Cherry Jam Heart Pops from The Sweetest Occasion

What's everyone getting up to then?




We've made it! I have been wishing this week away as I am finally off to pamper myself with the girls on a weekend Spa trip. (although secretly wishing we were in New York again, oh how I can dream)

Happy friday!

{Photos taken on a visit to New York in March 2011}



'I know, let's attempt to climb on top of a statue in the middle of Barcelona'


Okay, so this is a bit harder than I first though, if I just wiggle around a bit I'm sure I can get on alright


Woop, I'm up now, and from this angle I can't see all the tourists looking at me. I just need to get the right balance, so I can perform the finale...


Yup, there it is. The famous 'plank' (and may I add on a statue, which I do believe is another craze right there, I like to combine mine) Pointed toes, and flexed fingers, there kids is the gymnast screaming out in me


TADAH, oh yes that grin says it all

(acting like a kid since 1988)



neutral mood board

I am terrible at sticking to a blog design and keeping it, I am pretty sure I change my mind every week, so much so I jumped ship altogether from my old blog and started up a new one. Not really sure why, but I wanted a fresh, clean start for the new year. I have now decided that I may give it another face lift, but with a bit more thought. I am also a little obssesed with Pinterest, and have a soft spot for mood boards, so it's the perfect time to put something together. Now I have just got to get to work (again)



DSC02968 DSC02959 DSC02953

Today is Tuesday (just in case you hadn't realised)

I went to my first Zumba class last night, and LOVED it (thanks mum for dragging me along)

I am SO hungry right now, and I am silently debating whether to eat my computer screen or not?!

Still not sure how I feel about outfit posts? I still feel awkward, but I kinda like it at the same time

Very nearly cried after watching Les Mis at the weekend, but I'm hard and boys don't cry

Also loving red winter hats, or any hats in fact that cover up roots

and loving that it's home time in 20...

Hat: New Look
Shirt: Primark
Jacket: New Look
Jeans/bag/shoes: Topshop



strawberry and milkshake

Sunday morning cuddles, homemade milkshakes and an afternoon of Les Mis.

TGI Sunday




DSC02231small DSC02772small stripes+wall DSC02692 DSC02440small cake+statue trees+houses burger and sky

We made it to February you guys! January always seems like such a chore and i feel it goes on forever. Our holiday even seems like a lifetime ago. {what holiday I say?}

We have been making lots of plans for February to dust away the cobwebs and getting inspired to start work on the house again, and put in all the finishing touches. We seem to make up any excuse not to finish, but we are adamant we will be finished in time for summer.

With a few plans for the weekend, including milkshake making and rugby watching I am looking forward to some time away from the computer and getting into the open air.

Happy Friday everyone, what are your plans?!