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Over the holidays Si and I took a little trip up to London town. We had the time off and it was really a little treat for one another instead of Christmas pressies (although I was a lucky girl and still received some Chanel perfume) we made our way around the rainy streets of London in search of some lunch. I normally find it very hard to decide what to eat, but opted quite quickly for some Mexican, so took Si to a place I had been to before in the heart of Soho. Although a London chain, I just love the atmosphere, the great food and quick service. We even managed to spot A list celebrity couple, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone (aka Spiderman and his lover) After taking a sneaky picture and telling the world of Twitter about our spot we got down to business and studied the menu. I really couldn't decide what to get, and actually wanted to eat EVERYTHING, so we went for the sharing menu. £20 for 6 dishes to share, ranging from pork tacos to quesadilla, all washed down with a Corona and lime we where sorted for the rest of the day.

We visited the Soho branch, but all other locations can be found here

Wahaca / 80 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 0TF

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