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Well it's true. I literally never go sale shopping, in fact I hardly go shopping. I'm a few times a year kinda gal, and only for special occasions. I just can't stand walking around town for hours on end, dealing with the changing rooms, and the oh so slow people on their mobiles, with their heads down getting in everybodys way. Anyway that said, on New years Eve morning after a little debate with Si on what we should do that evening, we decided to join some friends and go out on the Town (because let's face it, we are not young forever, pah) The twist was the night was a winter wonderland theme, and the dress code was white. So I traipsed round town all morning, trying to find a white party dress, IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER? then after exhausting the last shop and throwing my hands up with defeat, I spotted this little lady in Topshop surrounded by lots of other discarded and unwanted clothes. I rushed over, pulled it out, and realised it was in my size and reduced to a tenner. TEN smackeroonies. I was sold.
Hope you enjoyed my pointless story.
The End.

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  1. What a gorgeous dress - I'm the same as you, the thought of changing rooms, and busy shops stresses me out!