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full hat

I have never been an eccentric dresser, mostly casual, with the desire to buy a nice dress for a night out. I like comfort, in fact I love comfort. You will hardly ever find me in heels (I even manage to stumble over in these heels) It may be because I was basically a tomboy growing up, but even having trained as a gymnast I still don't get the balancing thing, and have to hold on to anything I can find, otherwise I will find that tiny crack in the pavement that will send me tumbling. I also work in a office and I don't interact with a lot of people, so my 'uniform' consists of comfort, rather than the latest fashion trends. Don't get me wrong I like to invest in good clothes, but you won't see me wasting my money on one of trends like sequined jacked, as frankly I would rather spend my money on something else (i.e holidays) So on most days you will me in jeans, a casual top and a boyfriend jacket to top.

Oh and maybe a hat, if I can decide...
Hat - Peacocks
Top - Warehouse c/o Zalando
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - New Look




milkshake float

Milkshakes are my guilty pleasure. I actually hardly buy them, and only very rarely as a treat when I am out for a burger or something, but the other week I shared this easy recipe over on Allium B's blog, so you too can make them at home.

As long as you have a blender (hand held is fine) you can whip up any flavour milkshake in minutes. I only had some strawberries and vanilla ice cream to hand, but you could try it with any fruit.

The ingredients I used -
200g fresh strawberries
2 tbsp caster sugar
1 tsp of vanilla essence
200ml semi skimmed milk
4/5 lumps of strawberry (or vanilla) ice cream

To start, pop in your strawberries, sugar, essence and milk in the blender, whisk together and then add in the ice cream. Pour out and slurp away.

For something extra  I placed a spoonful of ice cream on top of the milkshake, it slowly disappears to the bottom, so once you have finished you have an extra treat waiting for you.

Enjoy x



On Saturday I hopped on the train to go and spend the day in London Town, and catch up with my good friends Lauren and Hayley, who now live in the capital. We wanted to spend the day a little like tourists, and with enough time to have a good old catch up.

To get the day started Lauren put on a 'healthy' breakfast spread for us, and we caught up on the latest gossip over mugs of tea before heading into central.

After literally walking round in circles in the pouring rain (thanks to the Iphone sending us in the wrong direction) we finally made it to the Saatchi Gallery, just of Sloane Square for a spot of culture.

IMG_7327 (1) DSC03568

We strolled around the different floors, and admired the different pieces of art

art wall

Got more than a little confused at what they actually think art is?


and had a abit of a laugh

saatchi climbing

before heading on for lunch at nearby Partridges.


I opted for the Italian Penne Pasta with diced Chorizo, Spinach, mushroom and cream, before heading outside to their Saturday market on the hunt for some dessert.

We made sure to try all the samples before settling on, what I like to call, cookie dough heaven.


It may not look the prettiest but it tasted AMAZING, problem was we could barley eat half of it before declaring we would never eat anything, ever-again.
We literally stumbled up the Kings road, moaning about how sick we felt before giving in and grabbing a Starbucks so we could rest our sick little over fed bodies.
After people watching and filling each other in with all our crazy life gossip (yer right) and a bus ride later for some window shopping in Selfridges, we retired for the evening in a little pub tucked behind Oxford street.
A few bottles later, and our stomach ready to eat again we headed over the road to the hugely popular Patty & Bun. As it was past 10pm we didn't have to queue, in fact just beg that they would still serve us, after a quick word with chef we were able to order our burgers.

patty and bun

I have heard GREAT things about this place, and we were very excited to get stuck in.
We both went for the Ari Gold, and eagerly unwrapped our presents, took them in our hands and dived right in. What I can only describe as a taste sensation, we spent the next few minutes, with mouths full and nods of approvals, before declaring that was the best burger we have ever had. Ever.

DSC03635 DSC03639

Now I am eagerly planning my next visit up to get my mouth around that burger again.



tea for one

 ...and you and you.
The week is (nearly) over, HURRAY I hear you sing. It's been a weird week over here, with the snow interrupting our normal flow, but our evenings spent test driving new cars (finally) as my little bean is at deaths door and I think it's about time I went into my 25th year with a new car, as I have spent nearly every day since I was 17 with my little fordy.

With a lunch time treat with tea for one (and cake of course) and a very healthy dinner of goujons and chips on the menu this evening, before heading out for celebratory bubbles for Allium B's first birthday Party (the lovely ladies I also blog for) this weekend has been a long time coming.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, let me know what you're up to?



snow day home tea pizza

I don't know why, but someone decided to turn the snow cannon on down these ends. One minute we all felt like spring was on its way, with a balmy 12 degrees and then the weather did a total 180.
Urghhh, Enough now.
Anyway, I was snowed in yesterday, so I worked from home, which could only mean one thing. Homemade pizza for lunch.
I love pizza, and I could probably eat it every day, no joke.

So I thought I would share this very easy peasy pizza dough recipe with you, but don't worry I won't take the credit as I have used Rosies recipe.
I have used it loads now, and prefer making my own than buying them from the store (unless I am feeling very lazy) it's easy enough to freeze, and always sitting there waiting for you when you have a craving.

Find the full recipe HERE



On Saturday we were at a loose end, so hopped on the bus (yes literally) and made our way into town for a stroll, and I may of heard that the chocolate festival was in town. Although I'm not a chocoholic or anything, I can't pass up anything sweet.
I've mentioned it before, but I love the lanes. All the quirky shops, independent cafes and the people pottering around, it makes me very happy that I live so close to it all.

bikes flowers lanes

After some window shopping, we made it to the festival, but with the crowds of people didn't manage to do the tasting, but went straight for the donut and eclair stand, where our mouths drooled in anticipation.

chocolate choccie

We had to buy some.


Si opted for the eclair

DSC03412small DSC03416small

and I went for the custard donut. Can you tell I enjoyed it?!?




Okay, so it's Friday night, I'm being boring and staying in (yes i'm boring) although the rest of my weekend plans are at least a little better. I have stuffed myself with way to much melted cheese this evening (oh hello, homemade nachos and enchiladas) flicked through the old telly box, with no luck, and I am now sitting here listening to old A1 songs on youtube, and playing the fun game of finding old forgotten songs on the side bar (best game ever)
Anyway, i realised earlier today that 2 years ago today we where on our mini American adventure, to New York and Las Vegas. TWO YEARS! Time goes way to quickly for my liking. We only went for a week (3 days New York and 4 days Vegas) It was a whirlwind of eating, walking, oohing, aaring, snapping pictures, more walking, more eating, you get the drift.
Now surely this means I am due another trip over the pond very soon ;) (just don't tell Si)

BOAT 071
131small 224small MOMA 326 395small vegas 358
438343small 317small



b+w beacon birds sunset tree

I was trying to make the most of the gorgeous day we had yesterday, so I picked Si up straight from work and we took the very short drive to Ditchling Beacon ( I always forget that the Sussex Downs are literally so close to where I live) and we tried to make the most of the light and went for a stroll, which ended up being FREEZING, so could only manage about 20 minutes, but was just enough to get some fresh air in our lungs and to feel grateful for the upcoming summer. (but please just hurry up)