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snow day home tea pizza

I don't know why, but someone decided to turn the snow cannon on down these ends. One minute we all felt like spring was on its way, with a balmy 12 degrees and then the weather did a total 180.
Urghhh, Enough now.
Anyway, I was snowed in yesterday, so I worked from home, which could only mean one thing. Homemade pizza for lunch.
I love pizza, and I could probably eat it every day, no joke.

So I thought I would share this very easy peasy pizza dough recipe with you, but don't worry I won't take the credit as I have used Rosies recipe.
I have used it loads now, and prefer making my own than buying them from the store (unless I am feeling very lazy) it's easy enough to freeze, and always sitting there waiting for you when you have a craving.

Find the full recipe HERE


  1. The keep calm and carry on blogging wall thing is the CUTEST!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  2. Thank you for the recipe! That sounds so good I might have to make some for lunch today! Haha.

  3. I hear you - I can't stand this awful weather! I love your pictures.

  4. The weather is being full on weird at the moment and I don't like it. It's nice that you can work from home though.

    The pizza looks amazing and I bet it was so yummy.


  5. Pizza for lunch is the best thing ever. Definitely doing this at the weekend.
    Totally with you on the stupid stupid weather. COME BACK SPRING!! x

  6. Those Cath Kidston mugs are the perfect size for a massive cuppa! I love home-made pizza - I think it's far less 'heavy' than the frozen ones (if that makes sense!) x

  7. Just randomly stumbled over your blog as is the way with the internet! Love it - great photos. And you are in brighton. Snap!