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You probably won't find many Beauty posts on this old blog, because let me tell you, for one I am in no way qualified to tell you what you should be buying and two how you should be applying it. I am the kind of girl who detests having to part with money to buy some new mascara and tries to use every last drop of every make-up product before hastily making the trip to the store for some more. For my 21st I treated myself and splashed out my hard earned money on this little beauty. My friends had been raving about it and for a girl who prefers au natural and never spends more than 2 minutes in the morning getting ready; I thought it was right up my street. I use it in the day to add a little brightness to my eyes, but can go for a smokier look on a night out. The concealer does a good job at well, concealing, the brushes are perfect for a little tweaking and the mirror comes in handy for any after dinner emergencies. So after nearly 4 years of using a rather battered palette I asked Santa for a new one (I am sneaky like that) and I use it every day. So on the basis of that cracking review, you should all rush to the shops and buy one.

{Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes - £24.50}



I have seen a few of these posts circulating the blog world, and thought I would jump on the band wagon and share what 'currently' is going on in my life and my little head. I think it's a great way to look back and see the little snippets of life. So here we go...


Listening to, Mumford and Sons, Babel. I actually copied this of a friend back in September but only just got round to putting it on this week whilst editing photos. I love it already, perfect to listen to to chill out in the evening too. It may even replace the usual Sunday morning country music we love listening too over eggs and tea.

Thinking about, everything, anything. That is my problem, my mind never stops going and I am always thinking about what to do next? How can I lead an exciting life? And making goals and lists. Don't get me wrong I just love to plan, but it drives me crazy (and Si) so I need to take a step back.

Loving, pre planning meals for the week. It might sound lame, but it is a great way to save money and to eat well. We have got in the habit of planning what we want for the week, and I love searching the web, and Pinterest (okay mainly Pinterest) for exciting and easy recipes. This is here to stay.

Looking forward to, ticking off something from my 24 for 25 list this week. We are heading to the library that is approximately a 3 minute walk from my house, has been there for 10 years, and I have never been. It has only really sunk in that you can borrow a book for FREE, yes for free! So I have my list ready for some new reads.

{photos- 1/2/3/4}



DSC02260small  tapas+coke pizza+map DSC02255small DSC02635small wall+walk

I'm back with some more photo's from our travels to Barcelona, which already seems like a life time ago since we travelled over to Spain for a long weekend. We were there for 3 days and spent our mornings eating croissants from the indoor market and strolling the gothic quarter, peering into many Tapas bars, scanning the menu then running of scared as we had no idea what to order (so we didn't, shhhh don't tell us off)
We never really plan much when we go away, so just walk around and hope to discover as we go, stopping of for plenty of tea and nibbles on the way. We purposely chose to go in winter, as the cost is halved and we wanted to have it to ourselves. It was still very busy, but were able to walk straight into attractions and the streets weren't as busy, although I would love to go back in the future at the end of summer.
We loved the twisty lanes of the gothic quarter and came across a square with artists on a gloomy Sunday morning, took a cable car over the harbour, hiked up to the Olympic stadium and entered Barcelona's most famous unfinished building (Sagrada Famila)

The perfect weekend away.




Our Sunday was for early morning Tennis watching, eating candy for breakfast and delving in to a new read that Santa brought me!

Hope you had a great weekend!



24 FOR 25

I always have the best intentions with everything, but as usual life gets in the way at a million miles an hour, and you are suddenly left with your to do list unchecked and your goals out of reach. I sat down last year before my 24th birthday and took on the birthday challenge which many others of you out there have also done. It is my way of writing down what I want to achieve over the year, however small. Fast forward 3/4 of a year and the list is mainly unchecked. So I am now on a mission to complete the majority of the list, and here is a reminder of what I want to accomplish.
  1. Take a photography course
  2. Visit 3 different countries
  3. Take a midnight picnic
  4. Finish my holiday scrapbook
  5. Grow my own vegtables
  6. Make some homemade gifts for Christmas
  7. Start a tradition
  8. Take a bike ride over the Downs
  9. Start to learn French
  10. Take a photoshop course
  11. Kayak in the sea
  12. Join the Library and use it
  13. Get a full body massage
  14. Watch Jersey boys in the West End
  15. Use the laundrette like in films
  16. Take a weekend cottage break
  17. Buy a bus saver and travel around Brighton for the day
  18. Go fruit picking
  19. Take a spontaneous road trip
  20. Re-read all Harry Potter books
  21. Go Zorbing
  22. Take Si on a surprise trip
  23. Go camping
  24. Try a starbucks latte



red velvet icecream

We have made it to the end of the week. As I am out tomorrow night, tonight is dedicated to making this ice cream and snuggling in front of the TV.

Have a great weekend guys!

{Photo and recipe// Drizzle and Dip}



Morning all,

I am alway searching for new ways to improve my blog, and as I know diddly squat about coding and design, I normally just search the web for tips and tutorials. I was doing just that and on the hunt for a way to add a 'pin it' button to my blog posts, and I came across a very easy tutorial over on bloggersentral that I just have to share with you all. When you roll the mouse over any photo, the 'pin it' button will appear and give you the option to post directly to your own Pinterest boards. Amazing right?
You are able to customize your own widget and change the position, which I am off to play with just now.

To find the detailed Tutorial please head over to Bloggersentral HERE

p.s There is no particular reason for the above photo, I just kinda like it

{Photo - Pretty Stuff}



tea date night

A cuppa, a chat and cookies just before heading to the movies. The perfect mid week date.

(Thanks for coming Si)



DIY-Pom-Pom-Tablecloth DIY-Pom-Pom-Tablecloth-6

I am sorry to mention it, but Valentines is just round the corner. Whether you like this holiday or not, I think it's a wonderful time to remind all the people in your life just how much you love them. I am not all about the cheesy gimmicks and tacky gifts, I prefer to keep it simple and have recently started making some homemade gifts. I came across this cute idea from Cyd over at The Sweetest Occasion. Cute, simple and best of all you can do it for any occasion.
For the full step by step guide head on over here.

{Photos by Studio D for The Sweetest Occasion}



 food+drink SONY DSC

I LOVE this place, and always make time to visit so I can get my 'Bills Breakfast' fix.
I had the pleasure of knowing Bills when it was a local produce shop, come cafe in the small town of Lewes in Sussex. I went to college round the corner and since then have always enjoyed popping in for pancakes and of course their all day breakfasts. Fresh, original and of course yummy, it ticks all the boxes. Although I still like to think of it as my little secret it has in fact become HUGE and has opened up places all over the shop, so this is your chance to go go go.
Your Sundays will never be the same again. Trust me.

SONY DSC 8367785402_c8809688ba_z food

Bills / 56 Cliffe High Street Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2AN. 01273 476918
all other locations can be found here



 IMG_1362 boots DSC02781small feet and fur

As the snow came down yesterday we made the most of it, wrapped up warm and went for a stroll around the village. It only comes if once a year so I don't mind sacrificing my toes just so we can run around in the snow and throw snow balls at eachother (which is my kinda idea of fun) and the best part, coming in to a heated house, warm ribena and soup.



eggs and tea

It's a tea drinking, egg scrambling kinda morning. kicking back and looking at the snow out the window cuddled up in our pjs.
Happy Sunday to you all!



Me and Emily

leaf _wellie

After tearing myself away from the nice warm house and my pile of tissues, I wrapped up warm and braved the cold to play in the snow (for all of 15 minutes) with little doggie pudding and my good friend Emily. We just about managed to make a mini Snowman {you just can't get good quality snow now a days?!?} and then just about had enough of the cold and rushed back inside for a good old cuppa.
Now let's see what tomorrow brings?

We names him Bob Dylan


My family doggie called Pudding.

DSC02696 DSC02753small



DSC02652small DSC02267small DSC02642small barcelona1 DSC02677small

I spent last weekend wrapped up warm, strolling the streets of Barcelona, taking in every drop of the city I could. We walked for miles upon miles, took in the sights, and stopped of in many cafes for hot drinks and yummy foods. The sun kept our noses warm whilst we meandered through the twisty lanes of the city, and enjoyed the time chatting away and catching up, just the two of us. My favourite kind of weekend {and i may just have a few more photo's to share...}


2012: A film

Here's the thing. I love making little videos, I have just about learnt the knack of putting together a basic film. I don't claim to be amazing, but I since I have started filming more everyday things, I just LOVE to look back on them, and what better way to look back than a mash up fron 2012.

So, here it is...



One of the great things about the internet and blogging is the vast amount of FREE and inspirational things out there. As previously mentioned my new year's resolution is to pick up my camera more, and grow as a photographer. I may even take a course or two.
One of my favourite blogs out there is A Beautiful Mess. The ladies, Elsie and Emma are hugley inspirational with to name amongst a few their DIY, cooking and fashion posts.
Anyway, I wanted to share a few of their photography tips they have posted over the year to get YOU inspired also.
So...Let's do this together?!?!

outfit photography tips outdoor photography tips lifestyle photography tips home photography tips food photography tips

{photo's and links from A Beautiful Mess: Outfit // Outdoor // Lifestyle // Home // Food




Well it's true. I literally never go sale shopping, in fact I hardly go shopping. I'm a few times a year kinda gal, and only for special occasions. I just can't stand walking around town for hours on end, dealing with the changing rooms, and the oh so slow people on their mobiles, with their heads down getting in everybodys way. Anyway that said, on New years Eve morning after a little debate with Si on what we should do that evening, we decided to join some friends and go out on the Town (because let's face it, we are not young forever, pah) The twist was the night was a winter wonderland theme, and the dress code was white. So I traipsed round town all morning, trying to find a white party dress, IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER? then after exhausting the last shop and throwing my hands up with defeat, I spotted this little lady in Topshop surrounded by lots of other discarded and unwanted clothes. I rushed over, pulled it out, and realised it was in my size and reduced to a tenner. TEN smackeroonies. I was sold.
Hope you enjoyed my pointless story.
The End.

DSC02219 DSC02221




Have you got yours?


Every year I get a diary for Christmas, and every year I carry it around with me, and write all my plans in it, and always mention what I was up to that day. Then about 3/4 of the year, it gets misplaced and I never see it again. Then the vicious circle starts again. So maybe I will try again this year, and see how long this one lasts?

{Marks and Spencer}