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Just a couple of snaps from our day at the beach at the weekend. It's one of those days that i've been meaning to do for so long...



It's all gone a little quiet over here in my blog world, but I seem to be too busy taking the photo's, and not getting round to uploading them! June has been a very jam packed month, with a road trip to the Lakes, a short trip to Copenhagen (which I have only just got round to looking at the photo's) trips into town, meals with friends and lot's off planning with our house. I got the paint brush out again which always ends in disaster. So after one failed attempt at painting the wall blue (!!!) it is now back white, but I have the odd few signs that the blue is still around (sorry carpet) 
As usual Si and I have been debating the big old 'life' question mark, and have constantly been going round in circles with what is the next step for us...I'm sure there isn't ever supposed to be an answer, but we are still searching. July is off to a sunny bang with a very special wedding last week and I finally jumped on the Ipad wagon! But for now, I am looking forward to spending all my time in Brighton this Summer. Bring it on.

The above photo was taken the other week in Copenhagen, and I am looking forward to getting some photo's up soon