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Last night I had a craving for some biscuits, but with none in the house and all the ingrediants for shortbread, I whipped together these easy biccies. It takes about 10 minutes to prep, then 20 minutes to bake, so all in all, well worth the wait.

You will need
Shortbread -
125g - butter/marg
55g - caster sugar
180g - plain flour
1 tea spoon - vanilla essence
Jam (of your choice)

This will make 10-12 biscuits. Double up the ingrediants to make these double biscuits.

So let's go...

1. Start by mixing your butter and sugar together (here's a cheats trick, I put my butter in the microwave for about 20 secs to get it nice and soft, it makes it much easier to mix)
2. Then sift in your flour and mix together. Then mix in the vanilla essence.
3. You can start with a spoon, but then start to use your hands and knead the mixture together (if you need help kneading, click here for instructions) You can use extra flour to help.
4. Once your mixture is not sticky, you are ready to go
5. Sprinkle flour over a smooth surface, and roll out until the mixture is 1cm thick
6. You can now use your shapes to make whatever shapes you want. Or use a knife to make your own
(to make double biscuits, cut a shape out of half of the biscuits to make the hole)
7. Once done, place in the fridge for 20 minutes and pre heat your over to 180 degrees
8. Bake for 15-20 until golden brown
9. Leave to cool
10. Eat them as you may, or double them up and add jam.




With the last few days before Christmas I am making the most of the festive season, by making NO excuses to go to the gym, chilling out, watching Christmas movies, baking and taking in every moment. I am looking forward to some official down time next week, spending time with loved ones and eating up all the festiveness.



gingerbread popcorncaramel popcorn (2)

One of my favourite things to do in winter is to close the curtains, snuggle up under the Christmas lights and stick on a good old movie. I also like to snack, and have always had a sweet tooth for some flavoured popcorn. I think tonight I may opt for the caramel popcorn and snuggle up and watch 'The Holiday'

Recipes from Heather Christo found here- Gingerbread Popcorn // Caramel Popcorn



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After strolling around Brighton town last weekend, getting the last of the Christmas shopping, our stomachs growled and begged us for naughty food. In our eyes a good old fashioned burger was the only option. We opted for BBQ burgers and milkshakes to satisfy our cravings. It was amazing,

JB's American Diner / 31 King's Road Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1NR



PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage2 miss selfridge and House Of Fraser jumpers

With only a few weeks to go (12 sleeps exactly) it's time to get your jumpers ready for Christmas morning. Why not start a new tradition?
Here are a few of my favourite's found on the good old internet.

{from top left: Topshop / New Look / Topshop / ASOS / Miss Selfridge / House Of Fraser }



Hummingbird cake

This year, for Christmas I am in charge of the cake. It usually is my speciality, but I normally stick to the same thing. After scrolling through Pinterest (as you do) I came across this scrummy looking cake from The Hummingbird Bakery, courtesy of The Pretty Blog.

I still have a bit more searching to do, but I have a feeling my belly will be full of raspberries on Christmas day. 

For the full recipe head over to The Pretty Blog

{photo by The Pretty Blog}



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It's getting colder now, and I kinda wish the snow would come now (shall we do a snow dance?)

{photos from top: Pinterest / This insignificant life / Non Conspiracy Orchestra / Jacyln Paige}



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{Martha Stewart / LRF}
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{Yummy mummy kitchen / BBC good food}
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{A Beautiful Mess  / Stage tecture}

Just in case you need some recipes and inspiration to help you on Christmas day!
Personally I am opting for the hot chocolate, with a side of cookie. Well it is Christmas?!?



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I have always been that person with the camera, ever since I can remember. I never used to have a very good one, but I would always pull out my little point and shoot camera and capture all the random memories. I look back now, and I am so glad I captured all the great moments throughout my school days and growing up. Nowadays you will find my lugging my SLR camera around wanting to get that perfect shot and wanting to capture the magic of the moment (I blame the blogging world, and Pinterest) So one of my main resolutions for 2013 is to take more photos (more you say!?!) Yes more. Believe it or not I didn't even take that many in 2012. I may even take a course, and I need to brush up with my Photoshop skills, and one lady that inspires me is Irene Suchocki, who takes these dreamy photographs of her travels around the world.

If anything, my aim is to broaden my photography skills in the year of 2013. I just need to get out there and practice, practice, practice.

Irene sells these photos over at her Etsy shop. You will find it here, and links to the photos directly below.
{photos from top: San Fransisco / Metro, Paris / Laduree, Paris / Luxembourg Gardens, Paris / France / New York / Carnival / Santa Cruz / Venice }



Catalina-bloch-the-sugar-post-christmas-table-shoot-red-green-white-holiday-christmas_042 Catalina-bloch-the-sugar-post-christmas-table-shoot-red-green-white-holiday-christmas_036 Catalina-bloch-the-sugar-post-christmas-table-shoot-red-green-white-holiday-christmas_027

I came across this little beauty from photographic stylist Catalina Bloch today. I just love the simplicity of the Christmas colours, which makes it look all dreamy, and wonderlandy (yes that is a word I just made up in my head) I may not be hosting this year, but will keep it in mind for other years. To check out the rest of the shoot, head on over here. (oh and did I mention the cake...?)



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Wow. Don't these pictures make you feel all warm inside, and have you reaching for your slippers and hot chocolate. I know what I will be doing when I get home.

Happy Thursday everyone (It's nearly the weekend)

{photos from top: We Heart it / Pinterest / Anna Gillar / The simple Luxurious life}



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Just to remind you it's three weeks till Christmas TODAY! *waves hands uncontrollably*
So now that you have stopped panicking here are a few ideas to help make that present extra special this year. With the majority only using brown paper, which you can pick up at the local store for a pound (score)
So I will leave you to your imaginations, and in the mean time I will pinning more idea's over here

{photos: 1. Papercup design 2. The Sweetest Occasion  3. Hello Naomi  4. A little hut}