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79792f4381dc5a5a0a2714cf1b5b04fe cafbfce1d23ac905be450176b51fce11 b73ec063949928efbc829cf67fcfed1b with just under 11 weeks till the wedding, we are trying to figure out this whole honeymoon thing. Nothing is booked as yet, and we are trying to figure out, where to go, when to go, and how long for as we have to work it around this whole work thing. 

I would love to hear some of your great ideas, or amazing finds that we could steal? Come on I know you want to?



You may have realised but I love a good burger, I am currently obsessed with Patty & Bun,and always make the excuse to make burgers at home. Brighton is actually disappointingly lacking in good burger joints (as in places that solely serve burgers) but recently I have noticed a few independent places popping up across the town and as we were in town to sort our marriage license at the Town Hall (eeeeeek) we fancied something quick before going off ring shopping (double eeeeeek) so we ventured to Brighton Burger situated in the heart of the lanes.

DSC05195 DSC05206 DSC05207

For just a few pounds more than a Mcdonalds meal, you get a freshly cooked gourmet burger, with the crunchiest of chips and a drink of your choice. It is best to avoid when it's raining unless you are grabbing one to go, as it it a small hole in the wall with a few table and chairs outside.
I can't seem to find them online to link, but if you click here you can find it on the map.




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Just a few pictures from yesterdays trip to the farm, with the mother and mother-in law, to stock up on some rather tasty produce and to pick our own raspberries, which I am super happy about finally ticking off my 'things to do' list, from about a million years ago (better late than never) We went to Dymock farm in Seaford, Sussex as Si's family live just round the corner, and I have a feeling I will be making a trip back very soon.

Oh and to add, those cherries, I mean seriously those cherries really are worth going for, I doubt I will ever buy them from a supermarket again.



 DSC05144 DSC05163 DSC05150

As apparently last night was supposed to be the last hot day/evening for a while (although I am looking out the window right now, and it looks pretty perfect to me) we took the bikes out for a spin after a long day, and a paella dinner, to chill out in the park, relax and get stuck into a new book.

But summer please don't go?!?



DSC05113 DSC05115 Just popping in with a smile and a twirl, and to let you know I am still alive, but just happened to take an impromptu break from the old blog. Life is good over here, I have been making the most of my time off, getting the house and garden in order, soaking up the sun, and appreciating all the little things in life. The job search is still in full swing, and I have a few interviews lined up (so fingers crossed for me) But I am also ready to get back into this ol'blogging thang, I hope you will still have me :)

Have a great day x




 So yesterday I dragged my sister (my maid of honour) up to London to find her bridesmaid dress. We were having no luck in Brighton nor online, so decided to head up to London and were not leaving without one. I knew what I wanted but also had an open mind just incase it didn't work out. First stop was Covent Garden for lunch, but on the way we found a few shops, so thought we would just pop in a few to have a browse, and couldn't quite believe it when we found the perfect dress, so after Sarahs approval and finding out the dress was 50% off we swiftly paid and left with huge smiles on our faces. We then had the afternoon to relax and eat lunch. We fancied pizza, and having only just read Rosies recommendation for the perfect pizza on the train, we popped round the corner to Neals Yard to find Homeslice. With freshly cooked pizza ordered by the slice or a whole, friendly service and prosseco by tap, it is a perfect pit stop for your tired feet. Until next time London...



DSC04939 DSC04938 DSC04945 DSC04943 lewes1 DSC04950 DSC04955

After a morning with my head down, applying for jobs and completing some freelance work, it was great to get out and have an afternoon stroll through Lewes (one of my favourite towns) and have a catch up with the parents before they go on holiday. Stopping for a cuppa in a cute little coffee shop isn't bad for a Monday afternoon instead of working I suppose.




It's been all change over here this week. I have spent the majority of my time spring cleaning the house and swapping our bedrooms over, as we have decided to take in students in our spare room. Most people think we are mad, but personally whist I am not working and looking for a job, it is the perfect way to keep an income, and able to afford to still have a life, save for a wedding and honeymoon without stressing myself out. We are also quite excited about learning some new things, and seeing how we find it. So wish us luck with that :)

So this weekend was spent picking up cheap furniture from Gumtree (oh how I love gumtree) and a cheeky trip to ikea, then swapping the bedrooms around so the layout would be more feasible to work with, which resulted in a brand new bedroom for us, I am still thinking I am living in a brand new house, or on holiday at the moment, room swapping is the way forward.

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