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Okay, I just couldn't resist just one more post from our honeymoon (I did have over over 1000 photos from our trip) but I just love having a place to come and look at 'the best ones' and well it is my blog :)
I have also made a little video from our trip, so hope you enjoy!



year 2013 year of 2013

Dear 2013,

I started the year full of hope and great expectations. I wanted to fill the year to the brim with happiness and adventure. We managed to travel many places around the world and our home town living life to the best of our abilities. Not only did this year bring me a fiance but the best husband a girl could dream of. It's hard to think that I would be able to top how wonderful this year has been, but I know we can.
We are looking forward to bringing in 2014 as a married couple and living life to the full.

Thank you 2013 for being the best yet x



enjoy the little things

I can't quite believe that Monday has rolled around this quickly, but in the spirit of Christmas over the next few days I wanted to remind myself to enjoy the little things about Christmas and savour every moment, even if it doesn't seem that exciting at the time! Most of the time it's all about the little things anyway.

Merry Christmas to you all x



santa sign christmas - a rosy day christmas whites

Soaking in everything Christmassy and finally get prepared to wrap the pressies before the very festive week ahead, and I am loving every moment!

Happy weekend!



 brunch tea brunch eggs the standard

These photos were taken last month on our last full day in New York. After our well deserved lie in and after a stroll over the highline we dipped into The Standard for some good old fashioned brunch before seeing what the West Village had to offer. I don't know about you but brunch in New York is better than any other place I know.

The Standard Grill - 848/13th street, Washington Street



The ultimate breakfast sarnie

You could pretty much put whatever you want in this sarnie, but ultimately this breakfast stemmed from a slight hangover on a Saturday morning, debating what to do with the leftovers in the fridge and not wanting what I usually have (poached eggs on toast) I wanted something naughty and very filling, so my 'ultimate breakfast sarnie' was born

You will need-
2 slices of bread
1 egg
2 tablespoons of milk
2 slices of american cheese
2 sausages
2 rashers of bacon

1. Start by cooking the sausages in a frying pan, making sure to turn every few minutes
2. Whilst they are cooking away break your egg into a jug, add you milk and whisk until your mixture is smooth. Now add to a deep dish, perhaps a small baking dish (deep enough to soak a slice of bread)
3. Prepare your bread by buttering each piece and then spread the tomato ketchup (if desired) and add the american cheese
4. When your sausages are nearly done, pop your bacon in the pan also. They should only take a few minutes each side
5. Once cooked take out the pan and place the sausages and bacon on some kitchen roll and dab the grease of the surface
6. Give the pan a wipe with some more kitchen towel and pop in a knob of butter
7. Whilst the butter is melting assemble your sandwich, and cut in half
8. Soak each side in the egg mixture so it is completely coated
9. Place into the frying pan for a few minutes each side
10. Voila! Grab a cup of tea, stay in your pj's and eat away on the sofa until the hangover disappears!

the ultimate breakfast The ultimate sandwich



each day is a gift

Whenever I scroll through Pinterest, which seems to be daily nowadays, I am always drawn to all the different 'quotes' about life and so on, and always seem to pin away to my 'wise words' board. I'm not really sure why, but these quotes full on work for me. I feel I always need reminding everyday through either words or pictures that we really do live in such a magical world, and it really is down to us to do the best we can. I take any little bit of information I can and let it fill me up inside. I am never full, but I feel it helps me stay motivated. Rambling aside I thought it would be good for my soul to start every week with a little pick me up, to remind me that I am heading in the right direction...



 in and out menu in and out burger photo bomb

{Check out my first ever photo bomb!}

So I realised I am not quite done with my honeymoon photos as the other day when I was scrolling through my entire blog I realised that all the restaurants I seem to have blogged about are burger joints. Oops you've figured me out, so I really couldn't leave these two beauties on the shelf without showing them off.
Both joints are widely popular and very well known, so I'm not necessarily bringing you anything new, but just in case you just like looking at photos of burgers and can't figure out what to have for lunch...then your welcome.

First stop was IN-N-OUT burger. We drove to one of the many in LA with our tongues wagging in anticipation (can you picture it) With only a couple of options it is definitely my kind of menu as I am normally very indecisive. And if your going to dream of what a burger looks like i'm pretty sure in-and-out have hit the nail on the head good and proper, and from what I can remember the burger was pretty awesome. Not mind blowingly amazing, but kinda worth the hype. Just remember it really is only a slightly posher McDonalds so you shouldn't really expect too much. Oh and Dr Pepper on tap, yes please.

five guys shopfive guys burger five guys

Just before we hailed ordered a cab in New York to the airport, we took one final pit stop to other burger place on my list. 'Five guys'
It's the same kinda fast food place like in-n-out but your order is very specific. With about 15 different toppings to choose from (you can have them all if you want) I was a little overwhelmed (^see point on being indecisive) but after finally choosing and waiting for our order I was able to dig in (and get it round my mouth) to declare that the winner is....'Five Guys'
It may not win beauty awards but it is far tastier and luckily for us they've opened a few over the summer in London.
Now where is my train ticket...

Five Guys
Five guys London



Cooking: Jam, jam and more jam (mum turn away, it's not really for you)
Drinking: way to much tea, I’m up to TWO cups a day now. That's FOUR teaspoons of sugar. Tut Tut
Reading : Well attempting to re-read The Hunger Games, Mockingjay after watching the 2nd film, but it's still staring at me from my bedside table
Wanting : To figure this whole life thing out. More specifically my life and what path I can carve in it
Looking: For jobs. All day, everyday. Meh
Playing: Michael Bubles Christmas album on repeat
Wasting: to much of the day, and I don't even know how. It really does go by far too quickly
Wishing: for a lottery win (aren't we all)
Enjoying: the sun going down so I can turn on my Christmas lights every afternoon and feel a little giddy inside
Waiting: For Christmas. So soon yet so far
Liking: our new nightly winter routine of early dinners and cups of tea by the Christmas tree, talking about anything and everything
Wondering: what will 2014 will bring for us as a married couple
Loving: The fairy lights my mirror has now acquired and makes the bedroom all twinkly
Hoping: that I’m doing the best I can with this one life I have
Marvelling: that if I am feeling a little down just one smile from Si can make anything better
Needing: to wrap the Christmas pressies
Smelling: my students Dominoes pizza from downstairs and craving a slice so badly
Wearing: jeans, slippers, and a sweater and thinking I really should invest in some joggers
Following: my heart. Well kind off.
Noticing: all the small bits that STILL need to be completed around the house
Knowing: just knowing. It can feel like such a complex concept sometimes (stolen from Sydney, but I 100% agree)
Thinking: about everything and anything. As always.
Feeling: anxious
Bookmarking: holidays
Opening: advent calendars & ebay packages
Giggling: about trivial things and in jokes

I loved this feature over on Sydneys blog so had to steal it, although I believe that was also a steal. Oh well we all love that kinda thing in blog world.



new site

You probably did already notice but I spruced things up around here and oh my do I love it and I hope you do too!

On a complete side note, does anyone else just find time is going SO incredibly quickly at the moment!? Christmas is literally just over 2 weeks away AND I REALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHERE THIS YEAR HAS GONE?



winters sunset2 winters sunset

Just before heading out yesterday evening I couldn't help but capture the most amazing colours in the night sky. I'm not sure about you but silly things like this really make me smile!



 cherry toms clementines red

We spent Saturday afternoon making the most out of such a beautiful warm winters day in Brighton. Soaking in the rays, eating on the go and spending an hour or two gossiping away about life over a few drinks. In my opinion the best way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Brighton Farm Market



today i am

finally finishing of my wedding thank you cards (my hand is killing) sipping on some tea and staying in the warm before jumping head on into the weekend!

Happy Friday + weekend everyone!



Suzi-and-Simon-294 wedding1 Suzi-and-Simon-303 wedding 3 Suzi-and-Simon-323 wedding2

I'm pretty sure I could go on for ages with the amount of wedding photos I have, but I think it's time to lay it all to rest and get back on with everything as normal. Believe it or not I am still adjusting to normality over here since the wedding and with Christmas just round the corner I am still in a bit of a dream world.
I still seem to watch my (homemade) wedding video at least once a day, and love seeing my wedding picture beaming back at me every time I pick up my phone, so the magic of the day is still around me. It  really was a dream come true and never in a million years would I of thought that I would spend this Christmas as a wife and I literally could not be happier.



suzi-and-simon-68 wedding walking wedding 2 suzi-and-simon-116 (1) PicMonkey Collage Suzi-and-Simon-141 Suzi-and-Simon-146 Suzi-and-Simon-165

I thought it was about time I finally got round to uploading my wedding pictures to the blog. I've been holding on to them for a little longer than necessary, but as i've been married for nearly 2 months I get best get it out the way.
I've already got my favourites in frames on the walls and they have done the rounds to all the family, and I am over the moon with how our whole day was captured. The whole day was a very relaxed affair and was attended by 70 of our friends and family. Being a bride who has never dreamt of her wedding, I was very overwhelmed at first to try and get a venue sorted ASAP. Deep down I knew that I wanted to get married in the heart of Brighton where I was born and raised, and it made our day all the more special. So enjoy the photos and I will post some more throughout the week.



We have finally reached the end of the honeymoon snaps and I have just one more instalment (I can't tell you how much I have struggled with sorting through, and editing all these photos)




One of the seven natural wonders of the world, 227 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and with depths up to 6000ft, sits The Grand Canyon. And what seems like a lifetime ago now, we flew over and into the depths of the wonder it's self.
First call after landing was to get an obligatory handstand picture, and to just stare in amazement at it all. You are actually only allowed 30 minutes on the Canyon floor, due to an agreement with the tribe that owns the land, but it was just enough time for a quick picnic and a cheeky glug of champagne out of a plastic shute (class'ay)
Having missed out on doing the helicopter tour on our last visit to Vegas, we still debated whether to do it this time due to the cost, but we would of been stupid to of not done it, and I am so, so glad we did. The beauty and sheer awesomeness of it all really blows you away, and it's pretty amazing to say that I had a mini picnic with my love on the floor of the Canyon on a beautiful sunny day. Highlight of the honeymoon by far.
So I say DO IT!

DSC02034small DSC02084small DSC02089small DSC02016small DSC02027small DSC01992small