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You probably won't find many Beauty posts on this old blog, because let me tell you, for one I am in no way qualified to tell you what you should be buying and two how you should be applying it. I am the kind of girl who detests having to part with money to buy some new mascara and tries to use every last drop of every make-up product before hastily making the trip to the store for some more. For my 21st I treated myself and splashed out my hard earned money on this little beauty. My friends had been raving about it and for a girl who prefers au natural and never spends more than 2 minutes in the morning getting ready; I thought it was right up my street. I use it in the day to add a little brightness to my eyes, but can go for a smokier look on a night out. The concealer does a good job at well, concealing, the brushes are perfect for a little tweaking and the mirror comes in handy for any after dinner emergencies. So after nearly 4 years of using a rather battered palette I asked Santa for a new one (I am sneaky like that) and I use it every day. So on the basis of that cracking review, you should all rush to the shops and buy one.

{Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes - £24.50}

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