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The Souks were my favourite part of the trip...
A bustling, hot, colourful maze of a market, winding and stretching into the depths of the city.

Stalls upon stalls selling everything and anything you can imagine. 
Each passageway different than the last - the deeper you went, the more you discovered. 

I wanted to haggle for a few bowls and spices before we left, but you really are spoilt for choice with the amount of stalls selling near identical things right next to each other. We made the mistake of not taking an offer first time round and told him we would be back, but when we returned another man had taken charge and refused to sell to us at the price we were offered before. So just be aware, and don't be afraid to barter as you are always able to get the price down - be respectful though, they all need to make money somehow, and you really wonder how they all do. 
There is no path the same in the Souks. Sunlit square, dusty tunnels and passageways filled to the brim with items for sale, we couldn't help but walk around in wonder, stopping for drinks at a small hole in the wall, watching the madness unfold around us as it got busier and busier. We stumbled upon the food market with the locals gathering their weekly shopping with shouting and haggling at it's very best. 

The colours, smells and atmosphere made it a morning not to forget. It sums up a whole culture in one place and you get to really see how the locals live and breath. It can be overwhelming at times, and I can only imagine in Summer being hotter than hell, and i'm sure I would of wanted to escape, which at times seems impossible, as you can walk and walk for hours and still be deep in the belly of the Souk. Make sure you have your google maps handy (although don't get your phone out too often or you will highlight the fact you may be lost) for when you want to find your way out of the madness. You will get asked if you want directions, just say no thank you and find your own way, otherwise you will pay over the odds for the privilege and odds are you will end up at their friends shop or restaurant.

That aside I loved every moment of the madness and made sure to take in every second of it.

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  1. Oh wow, such gorgeous photos. Totally takes me back to my trip there in November (although it rained nearly the entire time, so I've vowed to go back in the sunshine!)
    I bought do many dishes - did you have a fave buy??