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Our second day in Marrakech was a little less chaotic...
We left the comfort of our small Riad for the Luxury of La Mamounia. 
Only a short cab ride away from the square we arrived to spend the day doing as little as possible and exploring what this legendary hotel had to offer. For once even Si was up for a lounging day, as normally I can't sit in peace for longer than an hour, with an agitated husband looking bored on the lounger next door.
Luckily this was a place worth relaxing for - refurbished to it's former glory only a few years ago, Mamounia has been transformed back into into the glamorous, luxury getaway that it once was. You will pay for it though - with rooms starting from around £350 per night (yikes) it wasn't an expenditure we wanted to stretch to on our budget trip (which obviously means more dollar in the bank for other holidays, of course) so opted for the day pass at 500dir (around £30) which gives you access to the hotel and all spa facilities.

We made the most of the morning, lapping up the sun, lusting over the beautiful tiles in the pool (okay just me then) and failing spectacularly at thinking i'm some sort of bond babe, with burnt upper thighs (screw you pasty legs and sunshine and your ultra strong alien rays!!!)
As afternoon fell, we managed to drag ourselves away from our sun beds for a jaunt around the gardens, to work up an appetite before lunch,

Lunch was served under a parasole on the terrace - small groups gathered and couples clinked their glasses, whilst we just waited rather a little impatiently for our lunch. Although it had only been one day away from our beloved England, I sure was craving a good old cheese burger - ever the cultured eater i've been told ;) 

The manager apologised numerous times for the delay until we were finally presented with our lunch. Tummies grumbling by this point, we munched away, nodding in delight and exchanging muffled words like 'oh it's good to have english food again 'my god, I really do love chips' and so on...
The manager approached us again after the meal, apologised again and refused to let us pay for the food due to the delay. So thumbs up Mamounia for making 2 very happy customers that lunch time!

The rest of the afternoon was spent, dozing, chatting, jacuzzying (yes that's a word) posing (again) and thoroughly having a lovely time together in the beautiful surroundings.
Now we just need to get saving to return one day...

Oh theres the wannabe bond babe again ;) ^^^

Please, please try and make a visit to La Mamounia on your travels to Marrakech, you won't regret it!

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