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each day is a gift

Whenever I scroll through Pinterest, which seems to be daily nowadays, I am always drawn to all the different 'quotes' about life and so on, and always seem to pin away to my 'wise words' board. I'm not really sure why, but these quotes full on work for me. I feel I always need reminding everyday through either words or pictures that we really do live in such a magical world, and it really is down to us to do the best we can. I take any little bit of information I can and let it fill me up inside. I am never full, but I feel it helps me stay motivated. Rambling aside I thought it would be good for my soul to start every week with a little pick me up, to remind me that I am heading in the right direction...


  1. Exactly the same as me, Pinterest is like advice on tap 24/7. A good quote and a cuppa teas always cheers me up :)

    Love your blog - would love to you pop over to mine :)


  2. works for me too. sometimes I get a bit fed-up with myself for needing those reminders. but most of the time they do help. thank god for pinterest :)