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The ultimate breakfast sarnie

You could pretty much put whatever you want in this sarnie, but ultimately this breakfast stemmed from a slight hangover on a Saturday morning, debating what to do with the leftovers in the fridge and not wanting what I usually have (poached eggs on toast) I wanted something naughty and very filling, so my 'ultimate breakfast sarnie' was born

You will need-
2 slices of bread
1 egg
2 tablespoons of milk
2 slices of american cheese
2 sausages
2 rashers of bacon

1. Start by cooking the sausages in a frying pan, making sure to turn every few minutes
2. Whilst they are cooking away break your egg into a jug, add you milk and whisk until your mixture is smooth. Now add to a deep dish, perhaps a small baking dish (deep enough to soak a slice of bread)
3. Prepare your bread by buttering each piece and then spread the tomato ketchup (if desired) and add the american cheese
4. When your sausages are nearly done, pop your bacon in the pan also. They should only take a few minutes each side
5. Once cooked take out the pan and place the sausages and bacon on some kitchen roll and dab the grease of the surface
6. Give the pan a wipe with some more kitchen towel and pop in a knob of butter
7. Whilst the butter is melting assemble your sandwich, and cut in half
8. Soak each side in the egg mixture so it is completely coated
9. Place into the frying pan for a few minutes each side
10. Voila! Grab a cup of tea, stay in your pj's and eat away on the sofa until the hangover disappears!

the ultimate breakfast The ultimate sandwich

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