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Cooking: Jam, jam and more jam (mum turn away, it's not really for you)
Drinking: way to much tea, I’m up to TWO cups a day now. That's FOUR teaspoons of sugar. Tut Tut
Reading : Well attempting to re-read The Hunger Games, Mockingjay after watching the 2nd film, but it's still staring at me from my bedside table
Wanting : To figure this whole life thing out. More specifically my life and what path I can carve in it
Looking: For jobs. All day, everyday. Meh
Playing: Michael Bubles Christmas album on repeat
Wasting: to much of the day, and I don't even know how. It really does go by far too quickly
Wishing: for a lottery win (aren't we all)
Enjoying: the sun going down so I can turn on my Christmas lights every afternoon and feel a little giddy inside
Waiting: For Christmas. So soon yet so far
Liking: our new nightly winter routine of early dinners and cups of tea by the Christmas tree, talking about anything and everything
Wondering: what will 2014 will bring for us as a married couple
Loving: The fairy lights my mirror has now acquired and makes the bedroom all twinkly
Hoping: that I’m doing the best I can with this one life I have
Marvelling: that if I am feeling a little down just one smile from Si can make anything better
Needing: to wrap the Christmas pressies
Smelling: my students Dominoes pizza from downstairs and craving a slice so badly
Wearing: jeans, slippers, and a sweater and thinking I really should invest in some joggers
Following: my heart. Well kind off.
Noticing: all the small bits that STILL need to be completed around the house
Knowing: just knowing. It can feel like such a complex concept sometimes (stolen from Sydney, but I 100% agree)
Thinking: about everything and anything. As always.
Feeling: anxious
Bookmarking: holidays
Opening: advent calendars & ebay packages
Giggling: about trivial things and in jokes

I loved this feature over on Sydneys blog so had to steal it, although I believe that was also a steal. Oh well we all love that kinda thing in blog world.


  1. Such a great post! x

  2. I LOVE this post. I am also trying to figure out my path. Growing up is HARD.

  3. what a sweet post. I'm trying to re-read the hunger games too. and as much as enjoyed them the first time around (read all three of them in two and a half days), I can't seem to get into them now... xo