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{Check out my first ever photo bomb!}

So I realised I am not quite done with my honeymoon photos as the other day when I was scrolling through my entire blog I realised that all the restaurants I seem to have blogged about are burger joints. Oops you've figured me out, so I really couldn't leave these two beauties on the shelf without showing them off.
Both joints are widely popular and very well known, so I'm not necessarily bringing you anything new, but just in case you just like looking at photos of burgers and can't figure out what to have for lunch...then your welcome.

First stop was IN-N-OUT burger. We drove to one of the many in LA with our tongues wagging in anticipation (can you picture it) With only a couple of options it is definitely my kind of menu as I am normally very indecisive. And if your going to dream of what a burger looks like i'm pretty sure in-and-out have hit the nail on the head good and proper, and from what I can remember the burger was pretty awesome. Not mind blowingly amazing, but kinda worth the hype. Just remember it really is only a slightly posher McDonalds so you shouldn't really expect too much. Oh and Dr Pepper on tap, yes please.

five guys shopfive guys burger five guys

Just before we hailed ordered a cab in New York to the airport, we took one final pit stop to other burger place on my list. 'Five guys'
It's the same kinda fast food place like in-n-out but your order is very specific. With about 15 different toppings to choose from (you can have them all if you want) I was a little overwhelmed (^see point on being indecisive) but after finally choosing and waiting for our order I was able to dig in (and get it round my mouth) to declare that the winner is....'Five Guys'
It may not win beauty awards but it is far tastier and luckily for us they've opened a few over the summer in London.
Now where is my train ticket...

Five Guys
Five guys London


  1. This post makes me hungry! x

  2. Declaring Five Guys as better than In-N-Out is a cardinal sin. However, I think I forgive you because from reading your post I don't think you know about what makes In-N-Out so amazing, there is actually way more than just two options. Please tell me you've at least heard of their Secret Menu:

  3. ahh, I did not know about the secret menu, but the simpler the better I reckon! But five guys has just pipped the post for me. Gotta love a juicy burger x

  4. God I really want a burger! I love in-n-out when I went a couple of years ago!

  5. ah i really want to go!!!
    i've just seen a five guys open up near me so im gunna try it!!

    just discovered your blog - you have a new follower :)
    i'd love you to check out mine :)