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As I was saying in my earlier post, Friday night really did take a turn for the better. Si and I had gone for a quiet walk down the seafront before dinner and little did we know BA had set up a big event to promote their new flights to St Lucia and were giving away 'free flights' in the sky. As timing had it, we walked past when they were giving out sticks of rock, with lucky tickets in them, to determine who would dine next. I think you can guess what happened next...
We won a free dinner, to be served 100ft in the air, hoisted up by a crane (yikes!!!)


But first we were treated to free champagne (the best kind) before getting strapped in ready for the flight.

DSC05537small DSC05539small

Dinner was served in keeping with the promotion, and we gobbled down St Lucia delicacies, which I would love to tell you what it was, but I really can't remember what the chef said, but it was delicious and not something I would of normally picked.

DSC05562small DSC05564small

We enjoyed the fantastic views as the sun was going down, and double dared ourselves to swing out, so our feet were dangling

DSC05575small DSC05595small DSC05578small DSC05583small

Just a little disappointing it was so cloudy, but can't complain for what a random Friday evening it turned out to be.
Thank you BA for making my weekend just a little brighter :)


  1. Wow! What an amazing dining experience. Luckily looks like you guys aren't scared of heights! I was out in Saint Lucia last year (after flying with BA too) and ate really well - food is delish out there.

  2. This looks amazing, I would have been so scared! Lovely pictures!x

    Electra Violet

  3. WOW! What a great way to spend a Friday evening, you lucky things to have won! xx

  4. That is an amazing experience... not sure how I'd feel about dining so high up though!


  5. That's incredible, and so lucky?! Amazing amazing experience! I'd love to dine so high up, must be incredible!

  6. This looks absolutely amazing, but I'd be trembling with fear the whole way through dinner!

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    Thanks x