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79792f4381dc5a5a0a2714cf1b5b04fe cafbfce1d23ac905be450176b51fce11 b73ec063949928efbc829cf67fcfed1b with just under 11 weeks till the wedding, we are trying to figure out this whole honeymoon thing. Nothing is booked as yet, and we are trying to figure out, where to go, when to go, and how long for as we have to work it around this whole work thing. 

I would love to hear some of your great ideas, or amazing finds that we could steal? Come on I know you want to?


  1. It's so difficult to choose one place isn't it? So many amazing options out there! How about somewhere like Thailand? It depends on the time of year though I suppose also! I got married in November last year, and we had a little mini-moon to Bruges, and then recently went on a longer honeymoon to America - New York, Cape Cod and Boston - all amazing! Going on a mini moon helped us save some money after the wedding to be able to splurge a bit more for America then!

  2. how exciting! our wedding is in 10 days (!) and since it will be in france as my guy is french, we will just be staying there a few days after to relax. Our main honeymoon is in January/February, when we will go to the Maldives, as it is peak season in winter there. it is a lovely idea to go on your honeymoon straight after the wedding, but if you want to go somewhere that the peak season is later for example, it can totally work. we went to Santorini in Greece last summer and it was absolutely gorgeous with amazing food, so i would highly recommend it (and especially the hotel we stayed at, it was something special!) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  3. The fella and I get married at around the same time...5th October. We had a wonderful time in Vietnam last year and would have loved to go back to south-east Asia but it's raining season so we are going to South Africa for their spring instead. Our worst nightmare would be a typical honeymoon destination, with a load more honeymooners. We knew we wanted to travel around but also have plenty of time to relax. We are starting in Cape Town and then hiring a car, travelling around the winelands/Garden Route and ending up coming back inland to go on safari for 4 days before heading home. It's really worth going to Trail Finders to get their advice. We didn't end up booking with them but they gave us a good place to start off. x

  4. Hi, we went to the maldives which is a pretty typical destination. it was lovely we got to spend time together but i like adventure! if you like adventure and hot weather and great food i would say Jordan. We went there on holiday last year and it was fab! so much to do and see x

  5. Oooh! Such an exciting decision to make. A friend of mine and his wife flew to Italy, picked up a car and road tripped around for three weeks which was apparently lovely. And another friend and her husband did a luxury safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar! Alternatively, just throw a dart at a map- how much fun would that be?! xx