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You may have realised but I love a good burger, I am currently obsessed with Patty & Bun,and always make the excuse to make burgers at home. Brighton is actually disappointingly lacking in good burger joints (as in places that solely serve burgers) but recently I have noticed a few independent places popping up across the town and as we were in town to sort our marriage license at the Town Hall (eeeeeek) we fancied something quick before going off ring shopping (double eeeeeek) so we ventured to Brighton Burger situated in the heart of the lanes.

DSC05195 DSC05206 DSC05207

For just a few pounds more than a Mcdonalds meal, you get a freshly cooked gourmet burger, with the crunchiest of chips and a drink of your choice. It is best to avoid when it's raining unless you are grabbing one to go, as it it a small hole in the wall with a few table and chairs outside.
I can't seem to find them online to link, but if you click here you can find it on the map.



  1. I also love a good burger, and that photo has made me seriously crave one haha x

  2. These look amazing and reminding me I haven't had lunch yet :P want one so bad!

    Katie xx

    1. It's making me want another burger now! x

  3. You're so right that Brighton lacks good burger places but I will definitely be seeking this little gem out on my next visit!