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 So yesterday I dragged my sister (my maid of honour) up to London to find her bridesmaid dress. We were having no luck in Brighton nor online, so decided to head up to London and were not leaving without one. I knew what I wanted but also had an open mind just incase it didn't work out. First stop was Covent Garden for lunch, but on the way we found a few shops, so thought we would just pop in a few to have a browse, and couldn't quite believe it when we found the perfect dress, so after Sarahs approval and finding out the dress was 50% off we swiftly paid and left with huge smiles on our faces. We then had the afternoon to relax and eat lunch. We fancied pizza, and having only just read Rosies recommendation for the perfect pizza on the train, we popped round the corner to Neals Yard to find Homeslice. With freshly cooked pizza ordered by the slice or a whole, friendly service and prosseco by tap, it is a perfect pit stop for your tired feet. Until next time London...


  1. Woo hoo! Congratulations on finding her dress, that must be a huge relief- an 50% off is amazing too! I've got to try Homeslice next time I'm in London, it looks amazing! xx

  2. I can not even imagine how amazing it felt to find the perfect dress without trying, and reduced! What luck!

  3. Great job on finding a dress, and with 50% off too! Pizza and prosseco are two of my favourite things ever so i'm definitely going to try out Homeslice when i'm over in August : ) xx