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It's been all change over here this week. I have spent the majority of my time spring cleaning the house and swapping our bedrooms over, as we have decided to take in students in our spare room. Most people think we are mad, but personally whist I am not working and looking for a job, it is the perfect way to keep an income, and able to afford to still have a life, save for a wedding and honeymoon without stressing myself out. We are also quite excited about learning some new things, and seeing how we find it. So wish us luck with that :)

So this weekend was spent picking up cheap furniture from Gumtree (oh how I love gumtree) and a cheeky trip to ikea, then swapping the bedrooms around so the layout would be more feasible to work with, which resulted in a brand new bedroom for us, I am still thinking I am living in a brand new house, or on holiday at the moment, room swapping is the way forward.

DSC04967 DSC04969 DSC04971 DSC04972


  1. I need to do some spring cleaning, great snaps! xx

  2. I love the "Paris is always a good idea" poster :) I love the deco you've done too, it looks great xx