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I lost count the amount of times we walked through Boqueria Market on our stay...

We conveniently stayed just around the corner, and it's something that I would highly recommend. There is every kind off food you could think off, and we made trips to collect produce for dinner, pick up lunch for the beach, and made a pit stop for breakfast every morning. It's just the best way to start your morning, with fresh smoothies and fruit. Surrounding the market, sits cafes and small counters serving all types of cuisine. It is a foodie's dream come true.
Although only being May, it was extremely busy, so I can only imagine the nightmare in peak season. Hold on to your bags, hold your breath and get ready to be swept away. 


  1. Those smoothy cups look so nice :)

  2. I love that market. Went when we were on honeymoon. Great little tapas/coffee bar on one corner.