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Last year on our honeymoon I became a little bit obsessed with Sprinkles cupcakes...
so I made Si pop into everyone we came across. I couldn't get enough, and always went for the classic vanilla flavour. There is something about being in America, and making sure you tick all the hot spots and tourists spots off your list. It just had to be done.

Now, I just need to hatch a plan to get back there :)

Find Sprinkles EVERYWHERE in America, you lucky thangs!

^ oh and did I mention that you can just grab one on the go from their ATM out the front, WHAT?!?!?!


  1. Wait, they have an ATM at the Grove, not just in Beverly Hills? I always thought Sprinkles cupcakes were a bit overrated so I only went into their Beverly store once. If you go back to L.A., or you're near a location on the West Coast, I was a much bigger Georgetown Cupcake fan!

  2. No, that photo is from the Berverly Hills one! but yes, I agree, quite overrated, but I still love them! ohhhhh, I will have to return just to try them :)

  3. Whhaaaaat?! A cupcake ATM. Oh my goodness, the novelty + the end result of a cupcake would be far too much for me to resist. I'm almost glad they don't have these in the UK as I'd be the size of a house!

    Victoria, x

  4. AMAZING - a cupcake ATM is pretty much my dream! :) x

  5. How cool is that ATM!! Insane. Lovely photos as always! x

    What Rachael Wrote