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milkshake float

Milkshakes are my guilty pleasure. I actually hardly buy them, and only very rarely as a treat when I am out for a burger or something, but the other week I shared this easy recipe over on Allium B's blog, so you too can make them at home.

As long as you have a blender (hand held is fine) you can whip up any flavour milkshake in minutes. I only had some strawberries and vanilla ice cream to hand, but you could try it with any fruit.

The ingredients I used -
200g fresh strawberries
2 tbsp caster sugar
1 tsp of vanilla essence
200ml semi skimmed milk
4/5 lumps of strawberry (or vanilla) ice cream

To start, pop in your strawberries, sugar, essence and milk in the blender, whisk together and then add in the ice cream. Pour out and slurp away.

For something extra  I placed a spoonful of ice cream on top of the milkshake, it slowly disappears to the bottom, so once you have finished you have an extra treat waiting for you.

Enjoy x


  1. I WISH I liked milkshakes. But I hate milk so for me, they are a no go! I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog (, I hope that's ok!! x

  2. Okay its official i am going to have to make this NOW! Love your blog, i am always so happy when i see a new post :) x

  3. ok, so now I am dying for a milkshake!!! THANKS, and by the way I love your blog yum yum yum :)

    Love Eve <3