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tea for one

 ...and you and you.
The week is (nearly) over, HURRAY I hear you sing. It's been a weird week over here, with the snow interrupting our normal flow, but our evenings spent test driving new cars (finally) as my little bean is at deaths door and I think it's about time I went into my 25th year with a new car, as I have spent nearly every day since I was 17 with my little fordy.

With a lunch time treat with tea for one (and cake of course) and a very healthy dinner of goujons and chips on the menu this evening, before heading out for celebratory bubbles for Allium B's first birthday Party (the lovely ladies I also blog for) this weekend has been a long time coming.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, let me know what you're up to?


  1. Ooooh I love a good cuppa, and if it comes with cake I'm in heaven :)

  2. Ooh test driving new cars is exciting!! I'm car shopping at the moment too, but I am not motivated in the slightest...! I am SO happy it's the weekend- it's felt like a loooong week! x

  3. Oh gosh... just seeing this 'gif' makes me want to have a cup of tea!!

  4. Kettle is now on thanks to you!