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full hat

I have never been an eccentric dresser, mostly casual, with the desire to buy a nice dress for a night out. I like comfort, in fact I love comfort. You will hardly ever find me in heels (I even manage to stumble over in these heels) It may be because I was basically a tomboy growing up, but even having trained as a gymnast I still don't get the balancing thing, and have to hold on to anything I can find, otherwise I will find that tiny crack in the pavement that will send me tumbling. I also work in a office and I don't interact with a lot of people, so my 'uniform' consists of comfort, rather than the latest fashion trends. Don't get me wrong I like to invest in good clothes, but you won't see me wasting my money on one of trends like sequined jacked, as frankly I would rather spend my money on something else (i.e holidays) So on most days you will me in jeans, a casual top and a boyfriend jacket to top.

Oh and maybe a hat, if I can decide...
Hat - Peacocks
Top - Warehouse c/o Zalando
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - New Look


  1. You look utterly gorgeous! I personally love the hat haha!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  2. I like comfort too and this outfit fits that bill, the hat goes well too. I do wear heels as they make me feel more confident (and taller).


  3. The hat is gorgeous! Be careful in the wind though!

    Hannah x

  4. I'm definitely a comfort girl, I actually don't own any heals, shocker I know but they are just so uncomfortable. Live the hat by the way very Lauren Conrad :)

  5. To hat! I love hats, more people should wear them.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  6. I LOVE this hat! I am never brave enough to wear them, even though I apparently suit them. Probably due to living in a small rural community where I would receive really strange looks if I wore something slightly unusual. You look lovely though!! x

  7. That hat looks great! I know what you mean by rather wanting to spend your money on other things than clothes. I feel the same. Every time I am about to buy something really expensive, I can't help to think of how much traveling/how many plane tickets I could have bought for that (obviously only if it's really expensive!).

  8. I like that hat. But I find hats are such a commitment. If you go inside then you have to take it off and find somewhere to put it and then make sure you don't forget it and then maybe you have hat hair. Such a kerfuffle!