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Oh Hvar, you beautiful, beautiful thing...

So back in July we had a girly weekend away for one of my lovely friends hen do, and she opted for us all to travel to the wonderful Island of Hvar (just off the coast of Croatia if you didn't know) It was a place firmly high on my list to visit and it didn't disappoint in anyway, shape or form and I loved every moment of the trip. It did feel like quite the journey to get there, as after landing in Split, we then took a 2 hour ferry ride over to the island of Hvar and were then ferried over to the right side of the island. It felt worth it though, as after reaching our modest digs for the next few nights we wasted no time in catching up over 'hen' games and plenty of drink before being whisked down the hill and round the side of the island to our venue for the evening - Hula Hula (bottom photo)
but promise me if you do manage to venture all the way to Hvar please make the time to go to Hula Hula at least once, or even twice - what the hell, just spend your whole holiday there (just kidding) as once just wasn't enough for me. The setting, the atmosphere and the views are all to die for, but fortunately there is plenty more to see as we also spent our 2 nights over at the infamous Carpe Diem (no photos unfortunately) but just to add to the quirkiness of the island, you hop on a small boat that runs all night from 11pm to the open air club about 15 minutes away, to dance the night away come rain or shine (and yes we did get rained on) and it was so SO good.

We also managed to island hop further and took a speedboat about 20-30 minutes away to the tiny beautiful island of Palmizana. After being dropped off at the dock we settled down for the day next to calm shore before indulging in some amazing food overlooking the bay - again such a wonderful day, that I could of done again and again! We also managed to squeeze in a morning of exploring the small harbour of Hvar, and it really is as picturesque as these photo's may suggest. 
We also managed to spend our last evening back on dry land in the stunning city Split. Unfortunately we barely had time to explore, and just managed one last family dinner together tucked away behind the windy streets before strolling through the buzzing streets and squares soaking it all in before our early flight back to reality.This trip was just so wonderful and it gave me a glimpse of just how pleasantly beautiful Croatia really is, and I am now desperate to go back and travel through the country, island hopping as we go.

Watch this space

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