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and before you know it summer has literally gone by in a flash…
And yet again I have failed at keeping this blog up, but although I seem to think about this little space every single day, I still fail to do anything about it. Maybe it’s the millions of unedited photos saved on my computer, and the ones still to be uploaded from my camera and the overwhelming feeling that I didn’t really take my camera out enough this summer?  – But on the other hand I love how I can capture all my travel memories and keep them in one little place, so on wards we go.

I still have a few snaps to share from our trip around the Fjords, and wanted to let you all know how our day went. We opted to do the ‘Norway in a nutshell’ tour departing early from Bergen station (handy, that you can’t miss the train, as it’s the only one waiting for you in the station) and set off into the drizzly, grey day, to eat up as much of the Fjords as possible. I was a little skeptical at first, as I didn’t really feel that jumping from train, to bus, to boat, to Tram, to train was really a good way to explore the Fjords? But with this being our last full day, we didn’t really have much choice -but I will hold my hands up and say, although very tiring, it was a wonderful day out, living and breathing (for the most part) what Norway had to offer in this very small, select piece of the country.

From the picturesque train line tracks surrounding the Fjords to the steep windy roads adventuring around Voss-gudvangen by coach - it was a morning well spent soaking up the views around us.We took a pitstop for tea and cake in the cutest little cafe in Flam after a blustery afternoon crossing the Fjords by boat, before hopping on the worlds 'most scenic railway' which surprised us with flurries of snow at the top, which sure did put a big smile on my face

 It was a long and wet day, but a day well spent living and breathing just one tiny part of the Fjords. A trip well worth investing in if you haven't got the time to explore yourselves.

You can book before you leave over here
head down to the Tourist Information whilst you are in Bergen like we did.

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