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I am always the one to suggest new ideas, so although Si didn't have a lot of choice (he, he), our new year's resolution has been to go on a coffee date once a week, ideally taking it in turns to choose a place...
 In Brighton we are spoilt for choice, so I am making it my mission to try as many new ones as I can this year, and share them with you of course. Although this pit stop was at the end of last year, I still had to share with you. One of our favourite times to go is early on a Saturday morning, when the pace is slow and you can find an empty corner to snuggle down and pour over the morning paper and set yourself up for the day.

Marmalade may not be central, but easy enough to drive to, or hop on a bus from the Pavillion up past Kemp town. There is always something nice being in a different part of town.

Find Marmalade at 237 Eastern Road,Brighton

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