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Paris is always a good idea (they say)...

and I agree! we have been a few times before, but I just can't kick that feeling that Paris gives me, so back in September we decided to jump on the Eurostar for a quick trip across the channel. No time off work, no flights, just a quick jaunt to be re-equated with my love.

After arriving at a busy Gare De Nord we caught the  Metro to our Hotel in the 11th arrondissement, a little down the road from Bastille. After dumping our bags we made our way through the busy streets to Place Des Vosges. I had fallen a little in love with this square on our last visit, so Si and I set out on finding a picnic lunch to enjoy under the sun in the park. Being in Paris we assumed there would be deli's a plenty selling baguettes and so on, but after walking and walking we were having no luck. Getting annoyed and full of hunger (believe it or not, this seems to happen to us on every trip) we finally tracked down a decent baguette and made our way back to the park to chill out under the trees.

With our bellies full and legs rested we couldn't resist setting off properly into the depths of Paris. Surrounding Place Des Voges is  Le Marais, where we wandered and chattered away through the beautiful streets, stopping to take pictures and breathe in all of Paris's goodness

Before we knew it, we were back at Place Des Vosges, which of cause meant, wine time

We settled down at Cafe Hugo overlooking the park, where the wine is much, much cheaper than in central Paris, so of course that means you drink more, right ;)
It was then time to put our sensible hats on, so we dragged ourselves away from the amazing wine, and before you know it had made it down to the river Seine, and along the banks to the Louvre.

The Louvre is just a dream, I mean come on - look at it ^
There were so many people, and although i've seen it twice before and roamed it's magnificent halls, I couldn't help but feel appreciative to be back and to enjoy it all once again. We sat in the courtyard to the back of where I took this photo, where the crowds were less and the noise to a minimum. We just sat and drank it all in, every last ounce before retiring to the gardens as the sun dimmed over the September sky.
Next stop - Dinner, and we were determined to work up an appetite so made our way over the river and into Saint-Germain-Des-Pres winding our  way through the beautiful streets, drooling over the window displays in Laudree before finally picking our restaurant for the evening.
Brasserie Lipp was the winner, and we quickly took our window seats and hastily people watched whilst trying to translate the French menu.

It was a no brainer really and went for the sharing steak - "I'll have mine medium please"

before slowly retiring back to the hotel, ready for another day!


Before you knew it it was nearly midday, so we gathered our things and rushed out into the fresh Parisian air desperate to be fed. Just around the corner from our hotel a Sunday Market has appeared so we headed straight for the baked goods - when in Rome...

That door!!!

Merci was next on our list, so purposely walked in it's direction. Cafe/shop and a cute one at that. A shop both for men and women alike, Si just loved all the quirky building tools on display - I just made my way to the home stuff :)
Lunch was a fresh, tasty salad - Which I have absolutely re-created at home on multiple occasions

Our day was running away with us, but there was one more stop I just had to revisit - the ever so beautiful Montmartre


Thoroughly exhausted from all of the walking, we settled down for a long coffee in hotel Armour, surrounded by couples, friends and family gossiping away and watching the weekend come to a close.

Paris, as always – you were a dream!


We ate in

We drank in

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