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First stop on the honeymoon agenda was Los Angeles...

Somewhere that I had always wanted to go, but didn't have high expectations for. We landed on a hot Friday afternoon and proceeded with our rental car and navigated our way down the freeways (!!!) into central LA. We woke early on our first day and drove down to Santa Monica to watch the sunrise, what a way to start our 5 days in LaLa land.
The next 5 days were spent driving endlessly round LA, it's huge and having a car is a definite must. We saw the sign from Griffiths observatory, walked down the hollywood hall of fame (which I would suggest a quick pit stop to do so, don't plan a lot of time there like us) strolled around the peaceful venice canals, ate from food trucks, window shopped up rodeo drive and declared people are mad to want to spend so much money on clothes and proceeded to think about what is wrong with the world...
Anyway, we also drove around the hollywood hills gawping at all the amazing houses and trying to spot where the famous's live.
All in all a very jam packed few days before we road tripped up the pacific highway to San Fransisco.
LA you were amazing, but until someone discovers this talent of mine I don't think I will be back anytime soon (but you all should just to discover what it's all about)

oh and p.s in and out, wasn't really all that (shock!!)

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  1. Oh my word, I loved this! I'm all over any post with pictures of America in... I've never been and desperately want to! looks like you guys have a lovely lovely time!

    Lauren | Belle du Brighton x