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Welcome indeed!
We had actually been to Vegas before, but felt we really did need to return whilst we could...

We knew what to expect this time, so took it all in our stride and tried to cram in as much as possible but without overdoing it. Every single hotel is Mahoosive and you can literally spend the whole day and night in one and still be entertained. My favourite evenings were spent just walking through and stopping off and doing something, popping in a shop (they are open till midnight) or stopping for a drink. One minute we were strolling through the streets of Paris and the next watching the gondolas go past us in Venice. We made the most of the night life and late opening hours as we were surprised that in LA everything shuts at 1.30!!!
Plenty of food (mostly burgers) were consumed, we indulged in a all you can eat buffet (which left us full for the whole day and night) lazy afternoons round the pool and must needed lie ins were taken and we soaked it all in one more time, as we probably won't be back for a long, long time to come.

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  1. Look at that AMAZING blue sky!! I was just daydreaming about the time I lived in pics alone brought in sunshine and warmth... been to Vegas many times... enjoy!!

  2. Oh man, I am SO excited for Vegas now :D