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I always find it weird when I take photos of my outfits. For one I am no good at it, and 2, well it's weird isn't it? My mind is always battling back and forth saying, 'your a weirdo' and 'it's okay I kinda like it' In this blogging world it's the norm, but to others?? it's just plain weird (yes I like that word) I still don't classify myself as a blogger, just someone who posts pretty pictures and silly ramblings on this big wide web, so I find it kinda strange, but you know who cares? I'm realising that I don't care, and definitely don't care what others think, cos you know it's my life and my little blog. It will be funny one day to look back with my kids, and laugh at the silly outfits and fashion at the time. That's a good enough reason to blog for me.

Top: Zara (old) (similar)
Cardigan: New Look (old)
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Topshop
Glasses: Karen Millen

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