Positano to Capri day trip

I am a little late with posting these (and I still have more to go through and edit) but I can finally go through our second day on our trip to Amalfi (First post here)


We were only in Amalfi for a long weekend, so felt we had a few things to tick off the list. Although another day lazing in Positano and soaking up the views was high on our list, we thought we had better take the opportunity and visit Capri.

Positano to Capri

We pre-booked our trip the week before on Viator (this one to be exact) it promised a long day out, with enough time at sea, 4 hours to explore Capri, a trip to the blue grotto (at an extra cost) and time to dive and swim in the clear jewell sea.

The main reason we decided to pre-book was to save the hassle on the day, but don’t worry if you haven’t as it’s easy enough to book onto a tour. Just head down main jetty on Positano beach (you can’t miss it) and you will find a line of ‘tour operators’ all ready to pounce on you, to get you signed up.

capri boat tour

boating around capri

We set off at 9am on our designated boat for the day. and were lucky enough to shot-gun the top of the boat, where we lay out catching the rays on the way to Capri. Another reason why we booked this boat, was that it is only a relatively small boat of around 12 people, so there is plenty room for everyone.

Capri with the girls

^ The famous Faraglioni.

Capri Italy-2

Capri boating

Arriving in Capri

After docking in the Marina Piccola (the smaller marina) we were left to be free for four hours. Our first port of call was to dump our bags and dive straight into the water to cool off. Each side of the dock have small patches of ‘free’ beaches should we say, where the locals and tourist flock together to claim their territory for the day. It can get extremely busy, but you also have the option of a few beach/bar restuarants surrounding the area where you can pay for a sun bed. although expect to pay around 25 euros for the privilege – much more expensive than Positano.

We were there to explore. so after cooling off we took a taxi up to the centre of Capri (15 euros one way) You also have the option to take the bus or funicular, alongside the rest of the crowds – but expect to wait a while due to the numbers. If you are feeling brave though you can walk, but with the heat and the steps (the centre of Capri is set on the highest point of the island) we thought better against it

capri beaches

Capri beach

capri views

What to do in Capri

The taxi ride was worth the extra pennies, It was only a quick drive through the windy small roads with simply breathtaking views of the sea below, and before you knew it we were turfed out and whisked along with the hoards of tourists in the town centre. Our few hours bought us enough time to have a wander through the town and have a leisurely lunch tucked away in local restaurant. Nothing worth writing home about, but we ate at Isidoro, just tucked away off the main square.

Make sure you catch the views down to the other side of the island, window shop – or actually shop (if you have the pennies) and get lost in the winding alleys.

capri strolling pizza in capri DSC03415

Capri - Italy

We soon made our way back to the marina for another dip before the boat arrived to take us straight back out to sea.

The Blue Grotto

If I am honest I was ready to head straight back to Positano as I had suffered from sea sickness on the way out,  but little did I know we had many more hours left. If one of the main reasons for your visit to Capri is to see the Blue Grotto then you have the option to on the journey back. The cost is extra (12 euros plus tip I think) and you pay in cash when your arrive to the men on the small paddle boats that come and collect you from your boats. It’s very busy, and we were told our wait would be about 45 minutes. We weren’t bothered at all, but as the other passengers decided to do it, we thought we may as well.

We left our belongings on our boat (no photos, only memories for us) and once we manoeuvred onto the paddle boat on the choppy waters we made our way through the tiny entrance into the cave. For not being bothered at all, it was actually quite spectacular and surreal. The colour was truly magical, and without hesitation we all jumped over board into the cool, crisp waters.

It was worth the wait.

Capri Italy arriving in Capri

Pleased with our decision, we relaxed for the rest of the journey on the back of the boat, with a quick stop for a swim, arriving back in Positano about 6.30

swimming in capri Lauren in Capri capri boat triparriving back at positano

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Positano to capri day trip

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