So my whirlwind month of marriage, partying and honeymooning is over.
Am I sad? Yes in a way, but deliriously happy over what an amazing time in my life this has been. To sharing all of the beautiful moments with my friends and family, and having everyone there together. To feeling loved and truly blessed at how amazing most people can be, but most importantly to how I feel about the next chapter in my life, and that we can not wait to properly start married life, feeling closer and more in love than ever before.

Okay cheesiness aside, we received this photo from our amazing photographer as a sneak peek into our day. It completely sums up the relaxed feel we had to our whole day and that we married in our home town which we hold close to our hearts. I cannot wait to see the rest and to go through all our piccies from honeymoon. I am pretty sure I have blog posts coming out my ears until next year. Best get to it then…

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