Mexican food is my new obsession…

For some reason I have only just realised I can actually handle spice, so I now find myself being more adventurous with my food. Chorizo now seems to be high on my list, alongside lots of cheese and guacamole.

So this past weekend after a morning walk we stopped off for a light lunch, at La Choza in the Brighton Lanes. I had heard great things about it, and the smell alone had as hypnotised into walking right in.
In amongst the mis-match of colours and decor, which I loved by the way, we sat down and the breakfast specials were excitedly read out and we couldn’t help but look at each other with anticipation about how amazing they sounded. A group next to us proceeded to tell us they are back for the 3rd week in a row and we had to try the Chorizo breakfast (which in fact has a much cooler mexican sounding title, but I can’t remember what it was called!)

After excitedly adding it our order of a spicy beef burrito to share, we waited patiently for our food and in no time at all we were tucking in and nodding ‘hell yeahs’ in between bites. Our light lunch actually turned out to be very filling, so we left we big smiles and full tummies and even happier with the price.

You can find La Choza behind Kensington gardens in the lanes, you won’t regret it.

La Choza-menuLa Choza-mexican street foodLa Choza-brightonLa Choza breakfastLA CHOZA- BURRITO

La Choza // 36 Gloucester Rd, Brighton

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