On Saturday we celebrated part 1 of my hen do. It took place in Brighton and was hosted by my sister and mum at their house. We all congregated for jaeger bombs, gossiping and party games before heading into town to continue partying.


First stop was Merkaba for cocktails and to start off my challenges. First ones being to dance on an empty dance floor and to find a ginger man to buy me a drink. With no le ginge in sight and after posing away in the photo booths we moved on to a finer establishment in the good region of West Street. It’s hen city this time off year and I normally stay well clear, but we chanted our way down to Revolutions to party the night away. I’m afraid the camera didn’t make much of an appearance, but I did find my ginger man, ended up doing press ups in my dress, kissed a bald man on the head, done salsa with a random and got some guys to give us there socks, I’m not even sure why?
It was a brilliant night with my family and friends and now I am more than ready for part 2…

photo (6)DSC00423smallDSC00424small
Just a photo with me and my mama (thanks so much again mum for everything you did, love you so very much)

Dress: TFNC at ASOS (now in the sale)
Shoes: Primark

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