Dubai Dessert

Way back in February on part of a very last minute trip with my parents, we made the decision to venture into the Dessert from Dubai for my sisters birthday. We were enticed by the thrill of the jeep safari and the notion that food under the stars was a great way to end our trip. You luckily don’t have to venture far from the city, and within the hour you are taking selfies with a camel and being tossed around in your jeep, over sand dunes and beyond. It certainly mixed up our trip to this magnificent man made city, as even on the drive out you gain great perspective just how vast Dubai is and what is still being created.

There are so many tours to choose from, but they all more or less do the same thing – and end up in the same place for the BBQ dinner. We booked through Viator with this tour, if you are interested.

jeep safari dubai Dubai Dessert

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