They seem to be EVERYWHERE and I can’t seem to stop sniffing them out. Of course I needed no excuse when my dad suggested meeting up over the bank holiday to try out the new burger joint in town. A large, bright room welcomes you, with simple decor and brick walls, it was my type of place without even having sat down. With only a select choice of burgers and a ‘specials’ menu we made our orders before catching up on the weeks activities and talking about all the other ‘great’ burgers I’ve had. I think that’s what the problem is now, I have had too many and the goodness and wow factor all moulds together and I find it hard get that initial ‘wow’ feeling when you take the first bite. This burger however looked amazing when it arrived, with cheese dripping down the sides and the chips (which we chose to be cooked in beef dripping) glistened as us, and I had to dive right in. Not many words were said as we all tucked in, nodding in appreciation in between rushed bites. I opted for the cheese & bacon burger, and it didn’t disappoint. I have eaten a lot of amazing burgers in my time on the planet, and Coggins and Co have really come out with a blinder. I can’t quite tell if it’s my number 1, but I really can’t wait to go back for more.

Coggins & Co have opened on 87-93 Dyke Rd, Brighton, BN1 3JE – you can also follow them on Twitter here

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