An Afternoon in Lewes

Sometimes your local towns are the ones most forgotten about. I am always keen to adventure further afield, but on this occasion Si and I decided to take the short 15 minute drive for an afternoon in Lewes.

Lewes River

Si basically grew up in Lewes should we say, as he went to secondary school there, and it’s where I subsequently met Si when we both went to Lewes College, so it’s a place close to both our hearts.

It’s a place easy to love though, with it’s historic (and cute) high street, gardens and castle. Yes Castle!!!

Lewes oldest book store Lewes Castle Sussex

Outfit – H&M Dress / H&M Shoes / H&M Bag

With some comfy sneakers and an optimistic dress, hoping for the sun to come out (which it eventually did FYI) it was the perfect lazy day outfit for afternoon strolling.

The streets of Lewes Lewes - Sussex

Lewes is the perfect town to spend a lazy afternoon, and we came away saying we really should visit more often. We parked up by the castle (which you can pay to go in) and walked slowly down to gardens at The Grange before continuing along to Cliffe High street by the river, where you will find lots of cafes, shops and enough Antique shops to throw a stick at. On another day I probably would of dragged Si through the Knick-knacks, but as we were having such a lovely time I thought better against it…you know how the men like to moan 😉

Harveys, Lewes Lewes Castle in sussex Afternoon tea in Lewes

Lewes has lots of lovely parts, and places to sit and wander. On this occasion we ate at the Riverside, which of course is down by the river, but on other occasions, we have picked up a picnic and eaten in the gardens at the Grange (they do have a little café there as well)


A few of our favourites include Le Magasin, Flint Owl Bakery (For the best bread & Cakes) and Bills – Which is actually where it all began all those years ago, as a good old grocery store, turn café which we now all know and love up and down the country today. And I can honestly say I still love going there, as the breakfasts get me every single time.

The Grange, Lewes Lewes Castle Lewes high street

To do

Alongside the castle and gardens, the town itself is small enough to mosey around at the shops, and as Lewes sits right in the heart of the Sussex Downs a road-trip into the country is a must if you ever visit the area. Which although i’m biased, is one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Lewes, sussex England Lewes, Sussex

Lewes high street, Sussex

Outfit – H&M Dress / H&M Shoes / H&M Bag

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