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Norway has always been a country I have wanted to go back to...
Oslo is still high up on my recommended city break list and have always wanted to delve a little further into what seems like a fantastic country. So after a little research we booked to stay in Bergen for a long weekend with the main idea to get into the great outdoors and do some hiking and outdoor activities (i'm never the one to stay to still on a holiday) 

Set on the edge of the Fjords with it's colourful houses, cobbled streets and picturesque harbour it was a great way to spend a few days in amongst the locals. Norway is also very expensive (i'm talking £11 for a big mac meal, £5 for a pack of crisps and nearly £10 for a pint) so be prepared to pay a lot more for your food and drink on your travels. As you can imagine accommodation is also on the pricey side, and although we did nearly book an Air Bnb (which there are actually quite a few lovely options set in the old town) we opted for a basic hotel - aptly named 'The Basic Hotel' and was all we really needed for the few days we spent there and was a quick walk down to the harbour in the morning. Most people seem to head down to the fish market slap bang in the centre of Bergen and located on the harbour side - Fresh fish, battered fish, bbq'd fish marinated fish - in fact every variation of fish you can think of, so it's worth a grabbing a bite for on the go.

On our second day we took the Fløyen railway out of Bergen to catch the views, oh and just for a casual 20k hike through the snow, mud and rocks if you must know - and it was AMAZING!! I loved every minute of it (i think) and would of loved to of done a few more trails deeper into the fjords - but maybe that's for my next trip!

We also ventured out for a whistle stop tour of the Fjords in what seems liked every transport possible - but that's for another post, and I will leave you with a ton of photo's from the Lovely Bergen.


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