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 On the second day we hopped on the train from the centre of Nice and made the 20 minute journey along the beautiful coast to Monaco for the day. The sun decided to shine for us as we spent the afternoon walking on the world famous Grand Prix track (which they were slowly setting up for this years race) taking in the amazing views from the very top and stopping for store bought picnics along the harbour. It was a very quiet Saturday in Monte Carlo and their was a constant feeling of calm, quickly livened up by a show off in their super car whizzing past. The old town was a delight to walk through, the buildings crisp with colour, with minimal tourist 'crap' on display. We looked on in awe at the super yachts, making up stories of the owner behind the boat and all of their staff on it. The estate agents windows made our eyes water with the astronomical prices even for a smart 2 bedroom villa with a terrace (i'm talking millions here) It's place I feel you can get truely lost in this 'other' world, and I mean it, nothing comes cheap. It's a place you really see how the other half live and it blows my mind just how much these people must earn, and deep down I don't think I would want to be that person one bit. Okay just for a day :)

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  1. Oh, this looks simply fantastic. I have not been in the area for years. I think I need some more sunshine!