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Lucky beach burgers-Brighton.jpg

Last weekend Si and I started a new tradition and rode our bikes into the centre of town for the day...

 We had so much fun, bring able to stop off whenever we wanted, and loved how quickly we were suddenly somewhere else. We found new roads we never knew about, discovered beautiful shops and cute coffee places along the way. So after the sun had come out we headed straight for the seafront to stock up on burgers, of course. Our new little find is tucked away in between the larger clubs and pubs along the arches, you would probably walk straight past it normally but I had my eye out for it. We queued for a few minutes and sat down to order. The menu is short and simple, which I love, so I went for the classic cheeseburger and Si opted for the special, which I have no idea what that was?!?

Lucky Beach - Brighton.jpg Burgers at Lucky Beach Brighton.jpg Lucky beach brighton-cheese burger.jpg

The burgers weren't too big or too small, so you didn't regret stuffing your face with lots of cheese and bread after. The dressings were kept to a minimum and the brioche bun was to die for.

Find Lucky Beach on Brighton Seafront @ 183 King Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 1NB


  1. Oh god that burger looks to die for! I must try this place out next time I'm in Brighton!

  2. That last shot is absolutely royalty of the burger food p*rn world!!!
    x x
    {The Lobster & Me}