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These past few weeks have been a blur of nights out, weekends away and birthday celebrations, all filled with plenty of food and drink...

So about 3 weeks ago to celebrate my 26th Birthday (yes, I officially feel old now that I am in the dreaded 'late' twenties) Si took my away on a whimsical road trip to the Isle of Wight. We spent the day driving around the small Island, and stopping off for food, walks and plenty of photo snapping. It was wonderful to get away for the day and breathe plenty of fresh air.

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We set off from Brighton for the day and took the 45 minute ferry from Portsmouth to Fishbourne, before driving around the Island. We hadn't done any research or had any idea where to go, so we just drove with no worries around the Island, knowing we couldn't really get that lost.

Shanklin, The Isle of Wight.jpg Shanklin-Isle of Wight.jpgIsle of Wight essentials.jpg Ventor- Isle of Wight.jpg isle of wight.jpg The Needes - Isle of Wight!.jpg
shanklin beach-isle of wight.jpgThe needles-Isle of Wight.jpg

At the end of the day Si made me get the cable car down to the beach. You wouldn't normally have to persuade me, but for some reason I was so tired and it was cold and windy, but we did it anyway and retreated to a sheltered cove to be alone with our thoughts. It was so amazing to get away for the day and Si, you can take me away anytime.


On our journey we visited, Ryde, Shanklin,Ventor, drove along the south coastal road stopping for ice-creams and taking detours in-land and ending up at The Needles. Before catching the ferry home we stopped for dinner at The Bugle in Yarmouth for some good old fashioned pub food.


  1. Beautiful photos, looks so lovely :) making me want to take a trip down there!

  2. looks so lovely! that ice cream looks fabulous too

  3. Such a nice spontaneous trip away, I love that feeling of having no plans and just seeing where the wind takes you
    x x
    {The Lobster & Me}