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After a busy few weeks it was amazing not having much on the agenda. Apart from seeing some family throughout the weekend, it mainly consisted off not doing an awful lot, and I mean that. I spent the majority of it lazing around the house, putting off all the chores and eating eggs for dinner ^^^

We have also finally received plans for our new extension, so I am currently in pin heaven, frantically working out how to decorate the damn thing. But one step at a time, the plans need to go in to get approved and we then hope to start at the end of the summer, so we at least have a liveable garden to host BBQ's and parties throughout the season. I am also looking forward to sharing the renovation process and ideas here on the blog, and I will say it again, I am SO happy pinterest is in my life this time around. So make sure you go and follow me here


  1. Totally looking forward to your interior posts, I love those type of posts and I agree, Pinterest is THE best for inspiration! x

  2. Egg and soldiers are my favourite. I'm loving interior posts at the moment so I can't wait to see any post!

    Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty