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Leaving for the airport at 2.30am in the morning, knowing you will be awake for another 28 hours when you feel stupidly ill, is really not the first thing that I wanted to do when I woke up that morning. But knowing I had my hens waiting and an amazing weekend ahead of me, a little smile emerged.
After a surprise outfit change into a wedding dress for my travels (thanks girls) and a short flight later we arrive in cloudy Ibiza.

feeling ill, spaced out and very tired at 3am at the airport

DSC00572small DSC00589small

First stop pizza, and beer to get us going, I felt I had to drink through it just to feel a little better.


after forcing myself to get ready I made my way to the party in room 346 for drinking games and a game of Mr and Mrs organised by Lauren. I failed quite miserably and and suffered with shots (I hate shots)

DSC00610small DSC00621small

I seriously sucked at Mr and Mrs. I couldn't even answer what colour my eyes were, or where our first kiss took place (to be honest we both can't quite pin point it to a specific place, oops)


We gossiped, danced, drank and sang before hopping into taxis over to pasha.

pasha photo (8)

(terrible iPhone pictures) but after admitting defeat at 4am, I crawled into bed feeling ill and drunk and hoped to feel better the next day. More adventures to come...

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